What if Potential Clients Were Convinced
You Are The Preferred and Obvious
Attorney to Hire for Their Case?

(Complimentary Cheat Sheet Helps Attorneys Discover
Client-Getting Credentials, Accolades, and Accomplishments)

This worksheet will build you up, big time, EVEN IF you:

  • Have only been practicing a few years
  • Have no testimonials
  • Are in a competitive, cutthroat marketing where low price is king
  • Are in a rural area, where 'everyone knows you already'
  • Don't believe you have many credentials (you'd be surprised at how simple things, positioned properly, can give a truthful, yet powerful presentation)
  • Take 20 minutes to fill out the sheet and…
  • Start using your hidden 'good points' to make yourself the obvious choice in the minds of potential clients... compelling them to hire you... instead of your competition.