Appointment Setter & Master Closer – Telecommute

Successful and growing done-for-you marketing company is looking for a phone-based appointment setter and master closer to work from home Monday – Friday for the amount of time it takes to make 150 calls in a day.

On some days, this may take you 4 hours if no one answers. Other days, it may take 6+ hours. You will be calling dentists who have shown interest in our educational emails and possibly, our marketing products, because they have responded to the emails.

This is a hybrid role, in that you will wear two hats:

  1. As an appointment setter for yourself – scheduling complimentary business growth strategy sessions,
  2. As a sales closer, when you perform the strategy session and attempt to close the prospect.

You will first qualify leads to see if prospects have ‘pain’ and are genuinely interested in a complimentary strategy session that will provide them answers to how to grow their dental practice.

Once you qualify a lead, you will conduct a strategy session, which is a Q&A session where you ask question about the prospect’s business, their challenges, and then offer our marketing solutions and attempt to close the prospect.

This position provides 1099 income (meaning self-employed, not employee).

Base pay is $500 per week, plus a commission of $700 for each deal that you close.

Payment is made weekly by ACH deposit into your bank account.

A quality appointment setter / master closer who sticks with the script will make $2,000 per month compensation plus $1,400 to $2,800 or more per month in commissions.


  • Must have prior phone experience setting appointments and closing deals.
  • Be adept at dealing with “gatekeepers”.
  • Be professional while tenacious.
  • Need no babysitting. Be capable of smiling and dialing no matter what happens.
  • Most importantly: be FEARLESS and able to control the phone situation, not become “friends” with prospects or show weakness. You must be able to call prospects on the carpet if they play games, and demonstrate knowledge and confidence in order to successfully set valid appointments that the prospect will actually show up to, not “no show”.
  • *Properly qualify prospects*
  • Must have quiet place to work, an unlimited calling plan, and high-speed internet.

For instructions on how to apply for this position, call (888) 858-2090