The Attorney Authority Reboot:

"A Deceptively Simple Strategy For
Landing More Cases And Raising Fees"

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Since 2012, we've helped more than 640 solo attorneys and small law firms grow their practices.

In that time, we've road-tested dozens of legal marketing strategies. However, there is one strategy in particular that we keep coming back to – simply because it has proven, time and time again, to be the single most powerful way for our attorney clients to land more cases and raise their fees.

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What is this one strategy?

It's called the “Attorney Authority Reboot” – and we've just put the finishing touches on a new book that outlines this strategy and shows you how to apply it in your law firm.

You'll discover:

  • The biggest problem facing solo attorneys and small law firms in 2018 (it’s the reason why average attorney fees are falling)
  • What Avvo, Rocket, and Zoom understand about potential clients, and their needs, that most attorneys don’t (and why these platforms will soon be more important than Google)
  • 7 credibility claims most attorneys make that have become cliches (i.e. they no longer say anything meaningful about your firm and make potentials want to roll their eyes)
  • How to escape the “McLawyer Dollar Menu” by rebooting your authority as an attorney (using the core strategy this book teaches)
  • 7 techniques for leveraging your rebooted authority to land more cases, land better cases, and raise your fees

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