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Charlie Madison

SAB Client

(Mount Juliet, Tennessee)
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“Wow. That’s absolutely beautiful. Bravo!”

Wow, I’m blown away. I had known for years I needed to write a book, and just did not know where to start – or where to find the time.

I had met Rich and he said his process was pretty simple, and that we could get the whole thing done in around 90 minutes. I was pretty skeptical. But I know and trust Rich, so I went ahead and tried it. I’ve got to say I’m blown away with the results.

The quality is amazing. And I’m now positioned better than anyone else in my market to be The guy.

I’m just really thankful and proud.

Jay Kovar, Esq.

SEO Client

(Gulfport, FL)

Personal Injury, Probate

“Recommended To Any Lawyer Looking to Increase Their Overall Internet Presence”

Parke and the support team at Speakeasy have exceeded every expectation I could possibly have. There is never a task too large or a question too silly. They take time and care to solve any issue I may have and the turn around time is seemingly instant. I was skeptical when my office elected to hire a legal marketing and SEO company, thinking I could handle it myself. I am not too proud to admit that I was wrong and that Speakeasy was and is the perfect company for the job. I would recommend their services to any lawyer looking to create an eye catching website and increase their overall internet presence.
Parke and everyone at Speakeasy are always able to address every question, problem, or concern we’ve had immediately and adequately. They continually go above and beyond on any request we have had and lines of communication are always open. Speakeasy has been an absolute pleasure to work with over the last year. My law firm will continue to use their services and I would recommend them to any business looking to boost their conversion rates and overall internet presence. They are truly an incredible company and are great at what they do.

Michael A. Ziegler, Esq.

SEO Client

(Clearwater, FL)

Credit Reporting Error, Bankruptcy

“Very Quick to Provide a Complete and Attractive Full Website Revision”

I have been very satisfied by Speakeasy Marketing. As soon as I hired them, they were really quick to provide a complete and attractive full website revision. They have been really easy to communicate with and have improved the feel and performance of my website.

Timothy McFarlin, Esq.

SEO Client

(Irvine, CA)

Business Litigation, Real Estate Litigation

“A Great Decision For Your Business”

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the extraordinary service and expertise that has been provided to my law firm McFarlin LLP by Speakeasy Marketing over the past year. I’ve now had a fairly long term marketing relationship with the team managing my website, helping create content, coaching me on the best strategies for my particular practice area and just generally guiding me in the right direction, and I can highly recommend their service.

Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with has been highly professional, courteous, efficient and most importantly effective in providing solutions. If anyone out there is on the fence or considering another company, stop that right now! Speakeasy is amazing and very reasonable for the amount of services offered. You will look back and realize it was a great decision for your business to work with this team.

Brad Parker, Esq.

SAB Client

(Bedford, TX)

Truck Accident, Truck Accident

“Speakeasy delivers the services that they said they would and more”

Rich, As you know, I picked up your book about 1 ½ – 2 years ago after finally figuring out that I needed to do something new and more planned in the way that I marketed my firm and sought cases. Your book along with some others that I read were truly eye opening and thought provoking. I looked at and studied your company for several months and engaged in more than one or two conversations with you before taking the plunge. Deciding to utilize your services was a great decision on my part. Speakeasy delivers the services that they said they would and more. I written two books (working on my third), started a drip campaign, added an e-newsletter, and constantly added content among many other things. Your staff is excellent. Helen, Heather, Tracy and everyone else that we deal with are always very responsive and address all of our concerns, questions and ideas about growth and tweaks. I highly recommend Speakeasy to anyone that I believe can benefit from what you have to offer. Frankly, most attorneys I know are not there yet but for the ones that are and are willing to be pro-active and not reactive, Speakeasy will be a great fit.

It truly has been a great relationship and I would recommend your services to anyone, and in fact did just the other day. Thank you again for all of your help and providing us such a great staff to work with.

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