Daniel Fisher, Esq.

SEO Client

(Florida / Illinois / Washington /
New York)

Appeals, Asylum

“Speakeasy Has Been The Best”

I have been in business for 11 years and have worked with numerous advertisers and I can say Speakeasy has been the best. From the very beginning you can see they do things differently. They take a comprehensive approach in advertising instead of just focusing one area. The communication has been excellent and Parke Parker has done an amazing job with his diligence in achieving my goals and communication. Lastly, the price is better than anyone else on the market.

John Powers, Esq.

SEO Client

(West Islip, NY)

Criminal Defense, Family Law

“Thanks For All the Insight and Help”

Jennifer and I appreciate your guiding us through the transition to the new website and marketing strategy. Thanks for all the insight and help you’ve provided to the firm. It’s been good to know you’re helping to coordinate the people on your end and keeping us informed of what’s next. I know it’s been difficult based on mine and Jennifer’s schedule the last few weeks due to trials and vacations. Thanks again.

Shawn Smith, Esq.

SEO Client

(Ames, IA)

Criminal Law, Bankruptcy

“I Have Always Received Prompt and Efficient Service”

I just wanted to take the time to thank you and Helen for your great service these past couple of months getting The Smith Law Firm up and going.  Because of my digital marketing background I know I have been persnickety but you’ve always been patient with my many requests and have provided prompt and efficient service. I look forward to working with you for the balance of my contractual relationship with SpeakEasy Marketing.

Kevin Ginsberg, Esq.

SEO Client

(Durham, NC)

Motor Vehicle Accidents, Bicycle Accidents

“Very Pleased With Their Work Product”

Speakeasy Marketing has been helping me for a few months. All members of their team have been kind, professional and responsive and I have been very pleased with their work product. I am happy to recommend their services.

Carl Spector, Esq.

SEO Client

(North New Jersey / New York City)

Shoplifting, Traffic Violation

“The past 2 months were the busiest I’ve had in years”

Like most attorneys, I was highly skeptical and resistant to doing direct mail to attract new clients.

It took a good deal of urging from Richard Jacobs to get me to dip my toe in the water and try it out, mainly because I thought it was an unprofessional and undignified way to attract clients.

After all, I’ve been practicing for over 20 years and didn’t think this method of marketing would work, nor that I needed it.

Turns out, after just 1 month of doing a very small initial test run, I got 3 clients and a huge ROI on the money I spent.

Thanks for gently pushing me, out of my comfort zone, Richard.