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A Chorus Of Clients Singing Your Praises?

One of the biggest mistakes I see many attorneys making with their websites is this: They have too few testimonials. Two or three testimonials, no matter how glowing, aren’t going to help “sell” your services much. In my experience, you need to have at least 10 testimonials, but I suggest 30 or more. Why? Because …

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A Little-Known Way To Boost Your Credibility

Every element of your firm’s website counts. What you say, how it looks, the colors, the pictures, and the flow of information, all add up to convey an implicit message to potentials. It should be designed to deliberately establish your preeminence and prove that you’re the best choice, for the kind of cases you handle, …

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Another Attorney Who’s Heading For The Rocks

It’s sexy, it’s seductive, and it destroys a lot of firms’ marketing efforts. I’m talking about how there are many SEO firms and attorneys who want you to believe that ranking on the “first page” of Google for “price-shopping” terms (like “number one lawyer in south bend”) is the golden key to getting more business …

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Client Attracting Dog Whistles?

I’ve said it before, and it’s worth repeating: People don’t hire firms – they hire people. So one of the most powerfully attractive things you can do for your website is to include personal, even revealing, information about yourself – anything that makes you more relatable to the kind of client you wish to attract. …

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Help Potentials Trust You BEFORE They Call?

One of the biggest things that keep potentials from calling is fear. When they first realize they’re facing potential legal trouble, they’re nervous, scared, and worried. At that point, they usually head over to Google and start gathering information about their situation. As I’ve said before, they’re not “shopping” for attorneys just yet. That means …

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How To Turn Clients Into Your Promoters

Yesterday, we spoke about a metric that most Fortune 100 firms utilize, called the Net Promoter Score. The NPS is an essential metric that reveals the percentage of previous customers or clients who are most likely to rehire you and recommend your services to others. Do you want to know what the NPS for the …

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The Cure For “Client Repellent”

Did you know 80% of your Google traffic comes from just five pages on your website? It’s because, when potentials search Google for legal representation, these five pages are the ones that are most likely to be shown in the search results. Written correctly, these pages act like magnets for potentials. But if they’re written …

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The Most Profitable SEO Technique Nobody Knows About

We were talking about how ranking high on Google’s “first page” for terms like “top DUI attorney in Topeka” may seem a smart play at first blush, but keywords like that don’t bring nearly as much business as most people think. That’s because the only potentials who type those terms into Google are those who …

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Why “Efficient” Brains Get The Smallest Piece Of The Legal Market Pie

The book Thinking, Fast and Slow talks about a critical idea called “Substitution Bias”. It has been proven, through study, that all of us sometimes – and unconsciously – trick ourselves into pursuing a seemingly easier goal if what we really want appears to be “too difficult”. And when we do, we don’t even notice …

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10 Irrational Things That Potentials And Clients Do

One thing I really appreciate about the legal system. It’s mostly rational. It has an established set of rules, protocols, and procedures that keep things running fairly smoothly. You could even say it’s predictable, by and large. If only your clients were the same way, right? But unfortunately, as we both know, they like to …

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