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How To Deal With Clients Who Say They’re Broke

I’d wager you’ve probably heard these gems from potentials a few times: “I don’t have enough money.” “You’re too expensive.” “I have to talk to my wife first.” If you have heard excuses like this, you’re definitely not alone. This kind of price resistance is actually quite common. Even amongst seasoned veterans who shouldn’t have …

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Another Smart Way To Boost Your Avvo Profile

Besides high ratings, most of the attorneys who are dominating Avvo (and stealing their competitors’ clients) have something else in common. In fact, this one thing is part of the reason why they rank high on Avvo. What is it? They’re published authors. As you might know, Avvo rewards attorneys who have written books or …

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17 Questions You Should Ask Your AdWords Guy

If you’re spending money on AdWords, I have a question for you: Are your campaigns bringing in the number of new clients your firm needs to maintain a healthy profit margin – at a cost that makes sense? If you answered “yes,” that’s excellent news. Unfortunately, not many attorneys I talk to can answer that …

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7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Send A Print Newsletter

When I ask attorneys if they have a print newsletter, most say no. Why? Well, here seven reasons I hear all the time: #1 – A print letter costs too much #2 – They don’t have the time to put it together #3 – It’s a lot of work to get your client list together …

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Top legal directories (make sure YOUR firm is listed)

As you probably know, it pays, literally, to be listed on directories. In fact, some years ago, for attorneys in some states it was the only way you were allowed to market your practice and attract new business. Now, I’m not saying you should go out and buy a Yellow Pages listing. Not at all. …

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This checklist could put many SEO firms out of business

Let’s say you want to get more Google traffic, so that your website generates more new leads for your law firm. You could go and hire an SEO company to work on your website. They’d charge you $2-3,000, and then hand your site over to some team in India and have them tweak it a bit so …

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There are 3 types of attorneys in this world

Over the last eight years, I’ve probably met or spoken with more than 900 attorneys. Something I noticed fairly quickly is that they tend to fall into one of the following three categories: (1) Lawyers who are just about getting by – every now and then, they’ll land a big case that just about sees …

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The hidden mentality destroying law firms

Well at least it was cheap. At least, that’s what one negative, two-star reviewer had to say about my book on Amazon. The other 47 attorneys left positive reviews. Oddly enough, I expected this. And truth be told, I’m really surprised there weren’t more negative reviews like this. Why? Because this mentality of searching for …

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Should you give free consultations?

You may recall a week or so ago we were talking about how potentials low-ball attorneys these days. And we also discussed who is really responsible for this. Now, I could say the potentials are to blame. And we could head to the bar, have a couple drinks to complain about it for an hour …

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Myths that cost you reviews

As you know, online third-party reviews are the new coin of the realm. But most solo attorneys and small law firms don’t have nearly enough of them to compete with the big boys. Why not? A lot of the time, it’s because of these three common myths: Myth #1 – “It’s unethical for a lawyer …

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