“An Absolute Game-Changer for Attorneys Who Are Determined to NEVER Lose a New Client to Competitors Again… Because They Were Too Busy, Too Tired, or Too Burnt-Out to Pick Up the Phone”


  • This new service takes care of all your calls for you – so you can work without interruption, enjoy
    your evenings and weekends out the office again, and sleep like a baby at night.
  • Every call answered after three rings guaranteed, by motivated and consummate professionals
    whose full-time job is to put your best foot forward to every person who calls, identify and qualify
    high-quality cases quickly, and follow up as much as needed to get that business on your books.
  • Built on the mountain of “gotchas”, “best practices”, and “closing secrets” that Speakeasy
    Marketing has collected over 12 years of working with 1,100+ attorneys across 17 different practice
    areas. (We have mystery shopped law firms and “played prospect” more times than you’ve had hot
    dinners. And we know the magic words that build rapport fast and prime PCs to hire you.)
  • Yearly or rolling month-to-month contract. Monthly fee is just a tiny fraction of the $5,000 to
    $9,000 per month it would cost you (in payroll, taxes, overheads, hand-holding, and lost
    productivity) to hire your own receptionist, and with none of the headaches.
  • We are now rolling this out to a second cohort of about 10-12 attorneys.


Richard Jacobs

From the Desk of: Richard Jacobs
President, Speakeasy Marketing and Jacobs & Whitehall Publishing
“America’s #1 Authority on Legal Marketing for Ambitious & Respected Attorneys”

Author of Secrets of Attorney Marketing Law School Dares Not Teach, The Attorney Authority
Reboot, The 12 Powerful Principles of Prosperous Law Firms, and Ultimate Guide to Local
Business Marketing (co-author, Entrepreneur Press).

Dear Attorney:

Do you remember that old FedEx commercial? The one with the “Golden Package”?

Somewhere inside FedEx’s gargantuan network, there is a package that is worth more to someone than anything
else in the world. Its contents are so priceless, this package must be watched like a hawk. And it must complete its
journey safely, no matter the cost. The only problem? Nobody knows which one is the “Golden Package”. It could
be any of them. So, FedEx’s airport “throwers” and deliverymen treat every package as if it were.

Most solo attorneys’ and small law firm’s marketing is geared up to attract a modest number of new clients. Often
only a small handful each month, perhaps 6-12 (depending on your practice area) to keep the wolf from the door
and thrive. You never know when these clients will call. Every time the phone rings, it could be one of those
few precious clients you need to keep the lights on – and if you’re too busy to pick it up, you could lose it

to the next competitor who shows up on Avvo. A case that, by all rights, should be YOURS.

What happens when you’re sitting at your desk, working on an important case? Do you drop what you’re doing
and rush to the phone, even though, chances are, it’s going to be another vulture trying to sell you advertising
space? Or do you let it ring out, and pray to God that it’s not the elephant case that will make your entire year?
And what about when you’re on the phone with another client, driving to court, or using the bathroom?

Let’s face it – most of the time, when that phone rings, it’s another interruption.

Even if the caller is an affluent PC with a “bleeding-neck” legal problem, and you pick it up… you are not in the
right frame of mind to give them the attention and compassion they need to feel good about hiring you. They will
hear it in your voice. And you will give them another reason to pass you over and retain an inferior attorney.

Now, imagine if there was a service that took care of these calls for you.

No matter what time a PC phones your practice – whether it’s at 4:45pm, when most of your competitors
(especially in Big Law) are getting ready to leave the office, or 3am when they are sleeping – every precious
phone call that comes your way is answered professionally by someone whose full-time job it is to:

  • Qualify that lead, to make sure the person calling has a viable case, the money (or assets) to afford your
    fees, and the right attitude – so you only give your time to PCs who are a solid fit for your practice
  • Establish your authority positioning as an expert on their particular case, and a respected advocate whose
    time is valuable and in high demand – so PCs put you on a pedestal and hang on your every word
  • Convert every serious enquiry into an in-office case review or consultation, a Zoom meeting, or whatever
    else your preferred next step is – so you have more opportunities to land new cases
  • Follow up without “chasing” in a way that is courteous, professional, and projects the highest values of
    your practice, yet is also persistent – so you don’t need to worry about business falling through the cracks
  • Send reminders and confirm appointments through email, SMS, and/or telephone outreach – so you
    don’t need to give them a second thought, nor waste precious time hanging around for flakes
  • Nurture and educate your leads, by sending digital or printed materials – so they understand your unique
    value, have a more realistic expectation about fees, and show up pre-sold on retaining you

Would you agree that having all this in place could radically transform your law practice?

This advantage gives you more than “just” convenience or peace of mind.
It will help grow your practice – by giving you breathing space, more productivity,
more clients and cases, more work/life balance, more dignity, and more prestige.

While you’re in the office (or working from home), you can give your full attention to lawyering. You can put
every ounce of your energy and mental bandwidth into looking after your clients. You don’t need to worry about
being interrupted ever again, or facing that impossible choice every time you hear the phone ring. And when
you’re spending time at home, you can enjoy your evening or weekend outside the office. You can be fully
present at your son’s soccer game or your daughter’s piano recital. You can enjoy a romantic meal with your
spouse. And you can sleep soundly at night, and in peace. Because you know that while you’re away, every call
that comes in will be answered after three rings guaranteed and given the full “Golden Package” treatment by
someone who takes this job seriously. Every call will be treated as if it were from your dream client.

This new service is for solo attorneys and owners/partners of small law firms who:

  • Feel burnt out, overworked, and underpaid…
  • Are tired of constantly worrying where their next client will come from…
  • Are sick of losing quality cases to inferior attorneys who have more time than them…
  • Know that the next call that comes in could be the client they need to make payroll next month, and know
    that if they don’t take it that client is going to call the next attorney on the list…
  • Are too overwhelmed to take every call, much less give it their best, especially at evenings and weekends,
    and would give their left arm to have a high-caliber professional take this off their plate…
  • Recognize that having calls handled by someone who treats PCs as if their call is the most important thing
    in the world not only helps them land more business, but also…

Elevates their positioning as a respected authority and projects an
image of professionalism that is usually only associated with Big Law

The good news is, you don’t have to give your left arm for this advantage.

Not with this new service we are rolling out.

It’s called the Speakeasy “White-Glove” Answering Service. And it is for attorneys who are sick and tired of having to do everything themselves, who want to give the “Golden Package” treatment to every person who calls their firm, no matter the time of day or how busy they are with client work.

As you probably know, for more than twelve years now our full-time vocation has been to help attorneys attract,
nurture, and close more business. In that time, we have served as the “marketing partner” of 1,100+ solo attorneys
and firms across 17 different practice areas. And we have mystery shopped many of them and “played prospect”
more times than I care to remember. If I had a Benjamin for every minute that I’ve ever spent listening to these
recordings and cringing as I heard admin assistants throw away good money… I could probably buy a small
island in the Caribbean and retire a rich man. All of this experience is baked into this new service.

In short, for just about every practice area, we know the exact “magic words” a PC needs to hear from whoever
answers your phone to create trust, establish credibility, inspire confidence, build rapport, and prime PCs to value
your unique expertise and make peace with the idea of paying more than they would, ideally, like for your help.

We have a filing cabinet stuffed full of the exact word-for-word scripts that we have optimized and refined
through hundreds of hours of testing. And they blow what most of your competitors are doing clean out of the
water. (Many attorneys don’t realize that the way they or their staff answers the phone intimidates PCs.) You get
to leverage all this experience the moment you “plug” your phone lines into this new service.

There are three plans, depending on the level of service you need right now: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

Here is what you get with the “Gold” plan:

  • Service covers 8am to 6pm, your time zone.
  • Guaranteed answer of every call after precisely three rings.
  • Your current phone numbers will be forwarded to our answering service, continuously, 24 hours a day,
    seven days a week, and 365/366 days a year. (Your phone numbers will, of course, remain your property,
    and if you later decide to leave our service, we will restore their setup to how they were before.)
  • Native English-speaking operators, who have been carefully selected for their emotional intelligence and
    ability to pick up on nuance, and trained to exude a calm, professional, and empathetic impression at all
    times. (We will NOT use offshore call answering personnel under any circumstances whatsoever.)
  • Scripts and guidance notes for every major scenario, specific to your primary practice area – and you can
    customize these scripts with five additional questions for your firm’s needs. (If a potential client calls with
    a case outside your main practice area, a more generic script with the same five questions will be used.)
  • Call notes are forwarded to you (and/or a partner) within 10 minutes of every call, by email and/or text
    message, whichever you prefer. This will be done for all callers, not just qualified PCs – including court
    personnel, current clients, professional colleagues, opposing counsel, etc. (We will take careful note of
    every caller’s full name, phone number, email address, reason for calling, situational background, and
    their answers to your questions, and include all this in our emails and/or texts to you.) So, even when
    you’re in court, on the road, or otherwise out the office, you always know what is going on.
  • Live transfer to you or another named attorney at the end of the call – after the PC has been qualified,
    your authority positioning has been established, and you have been briefed on another line, so that the
    handover runs as smooth as melted chocolate and exhibits the utmost professionalism. (Assuming, of
    course, that you want these live transfers to take place. We could set up a “rules-based” arrangement,
    where calls are only transferred to you during specific windows or under certain circumstances.)
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly call summaries are provided by email.
  • Full call tracking will be provided. We will purchase, at our own expense, a local tracking phone number
    (i.e. one that is specific to your city, metro area, county, etc.), for use on your website, offline advertising,
    and other marketing channels, so that we can track where phone calls, leads, and clients are coming from.
    (Please note: If you wish, you may purchase the tracking number from the phone provider at any time
    during this agreement for a one-time fee of $95 and retain ownership of it forever.)We will also install Google Analytics, so that we can track how these same callers found your website,
    which keywords they used, which pages they visited before they called, how long they spent on each one,
    etc. You receive a monthly marketing report that summarizes all of this information for all tracked calls.
    This is a great way to get a feel for the kind of people/cases your different marketing and other outreach
    activities attract, so you can make intelligent decisions on how to invest your marketing dollars.
  • COMPLIMENTARY BONUS ($3,000 value): If you select the yearly contract, we will set up and
    manage LiveChat on your practice’s website, and provide an operator between 8am and 6pm your time
    zone. Like with the phone operator, your LiveChat operator will be a native English-speaker based in the
    US, who has been carefully selected and trained to pick up on nuance, exude empathy, and project the
    utmost professionalism at all times. This capability will allow you to capture enquiries from PCs who
    cannot or do not want to talk over the telephone, and could dramatically increase your pipeline.

This starter plan is perfect for attorneys who just hung their shingle as a solo. Or for new firms who are operating
on a limited budget and recognize that a “white-glove” answering service like this can accelerate their growth and
help them get to the point where they can take on staff much sooner than doing everything alone.

JOIN TODAY This offer has expired. If you are still interested, please call us at: (888) 225-8594
and email at: support@speakeasymarketinginc.com

And here is what you get with the next level up, the “Platinum” plan:

  • Everything in the “Gold” plan, plus…
  • All inbound calls are recorded and stored for 30 days. (You can look through the call notes, or the daily,
    weekly, or monthly reports, and if there is a specific call you would like to review, send us an email and
    we will have a full recording available for you to download and listen to within one business day.)
  • Three separate sets of scripts, for three practice areas of your choice – and, as with the “Gold” plan, each
    of these three scripts can be customized with up to five questions for your specific firm.
  • Appointment confirmations and reminders. This is at your discretion. In other words, it is an optional
    part of the service. Your Speakeasy “White-Glove” Answering Service representative will have access to
    your calendar and, under your authority, will be empowered to schedule in-office, virtual, or telephone
    appointments between you and a potential client. (Non-PC callers, e.g. court personnel, will only be
    scheduled with guidance from you, if at all.) Appointment reminders will be sent by email and text
    message, up to three times, to minimize “no shows” and protect your time from flakes.
  • “Level 1” Follow Up (emails, text messages, and phone calls) directed to PCs who have been qualified,
    but fail to convert into an in-office, virtual, or telephone appointment – an overlooked “revenue leak”, and
    one of the fastest and most reliable ways to increase your practice’s billings and bottom-line profit. These
    emails, text messages, and phone calls will be conducted over a maximum period of 10 days.(In addition, the same kind of robust follow-up will be sent to PCs who attend a case review or
    consultation with you, but fail to convert into a client – money that most attorneys leave on the table.)
  • Soliciting reviews from past clients using our proprietary two-step method that “catches” negative or
    lukewarm reviews before they are posted online. We will do this every other month, by email and phone,
    and help you accumulate reviews on Google Maps, Yelp, Avvo, Facebook, and your own website. Law
    practices that have more positive reviews are resistant to the occasional bad review, and generally come
    across as more trustworthy than their competitors, helping you attract more and better clients.
  • COMPLIMENTARY BONUS ($3,000 value): Again, if you select the yearly contract, we will set up
    and manage LiveChat on your practice’s website, and provide an operator between 8am and 6pm in your
    time zone. Like with the phone operator, your LiveChat operator will be a native English-speaker based in
    the US, who has been carefully selected and trained to pick up on nuance, exude empathy, and project the
    utmost professionalism at all times. This capability will allow you to capture enquiries from PCs who
    cannot or do not want to talk over the telephone, and could dramatically increase your pipeline.

This enhanced plan is perfect for more experienced and distinguished lawyers who need to maintain a
professional presence in multiple metros or practice areas. Or, for the more aggressive and ambitious attorneys
who are determined to take advantage of every revenue opportunity that comes their way, and crave the peace of
mind that comes from knowing someone is always on the ball, following up respectfully with potential clients.

JOIN TODAY This offer has expired. If you are still interested, please call us at: (888) 225-8594
and email at: support@speakeasymarketinginc.com

Finally, we have an “Diamond” plan, which gives you:

  • Everything in the “Gold” and “Platinum” plans, plus…
  • Service extended to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365/366 days per year. No matter what hour a
    potential client calls your practice, their call will be answered by someone who is ready to put your best
    foot forward. You can decide how you want us to handle off-hours enquiries – whether you want us to
    call you (after we have qualified them, of course) and attempt a live transfer there and then, schedule a
    consultation in your calendar, or simply have a smoking hot lead waiting for you on your desk the next
    morning, with full notes taken so you know how to deal with them. You decide how we play it.
  • Complimentary LiveChat, no matter which contract you select. Regardless of whether you select the
    yearly or the month-to-month contract, we will install LiveChat on your website and manage it with the
    same 24/7/365 coverage. This is about making sure that absolutely no enquiry or revenue opportunity is
    left unattended. Again, you decide how you want us to handle off-hours enquiries from PCs.
  • “Level 2” Follow Up (emails, text messages, phone calls, and direct mail). Again, this is about making
    sure every revenue opportunity and every potential client in need is attended to with helpful, courteous,
    professional, and, yes, pleasantly persistent follow up, and nothing is allowed to fall through the cracks.
    Whereas our “Level 1” follow up takes place over 10 days, this “Level 2” follow-up is extended to a
    maximum of 60 days. And we will use a wide variety of physical mail alongside phone calls, texts,
    emails, and chat, to ensure that we reach people through every way necessary.As I mentioned earlier, we have been doing this for more than 12 years now, helping 1,100+ solo
    attorneys and small law firms over 17+ different practice areas. Experience has taught us that your
    chances of converting calls and enquiries from PCs into signed retainer agreements increases
    DRAMATICALLY the more follow-up methods you use and the longer the duration.(Please Note: Your Speakeasy “White-Glove” Answering Service rep will use their downtime between
    calls to print your letters, stuff them into envelopes, arrange for them to be picked up and mailed, handle
    returned mail and responses, etc. There is no surcharge for these services. However, reasonable expenses
    for ink, paper, stationery, package contents, and mailing will need to be reimbursed by you.)
  • Quarterly Mystery Shop Calls. This is my favorite part of the service! The first one takes place
    immediately, before we hook you up to our “White-Glove” Answering Service. A trained specialist is
    going to call your practice incognito (even you won’t know which caller is them), play prospect, record
    everything, and then provide a “play-by-play” appraisal of where your customer experience needs to
    improve. You will get a full recording and a copy of the analysis. And from now on, every quarter, we’re
    going to run through this exercise again. Why? For two reasons. First, to ensure compliance with your
    customized scripts. Second, so that we can continue to optimize the experience with your input. We
    normally charge $997 per mystery shop. You get all of these on the house, as part of the service.
  • (OPTIONAL UPGRADE) Add a native bilingual Spanish and English speaker, so you can reach and
    serve a wider audience. They will be available between 8am and 6pm in your time zone, Monday through
    Friday. There is a surcharge of $500/month for this upgrade, and it is only available to Diamond clients.

This ultimate plan is perfect for lawyers who promise 24/7 availability in their marketing, or who operate in
practice areas like criminal defense where PCs with an urgent need can and do call in the middle of the night.

JOIN TODAY This offer has expired. If you are still interested, please call us at: (888) 225-8594
and email at: support@speakeasymarketinginc.com

How much does the new Speakeasy “White-Glove” Answering Service cost?

As you know, hiring people is not cheap. Especially when you consider the “hidden” costs. If you were to take on
your own admin assistant or receptionist to handle your calls, there are three things you need to remember.

First, that person is not going to approach this role with the same professionalism and expertise, by virtue of the
irrefutable fact that there is simply no way for them to rack up the experience and confidence they need when they
are fielding only 6-13 serious callers a month. You won’t get the same performance or results, so there is an
opportunity cost. For our call handlers, turning your phone calls into new business is a full-time vocation.

Second, you’re looking at a salary of $4,000-$5,000 per month, plus payroll taxes, increased overheads, etc. So,
there is the obvious increase in the running costs of your firm, which could easily reach $9,000 or more in fixed
cash expenses. Remember, also, that many of these costs are extremely difficult to shake off later.

And then, finally, you need to consider the constant handholding, supervision, headaches, and drama, and the cost
of all that on your productivity. This can easily add up to another $1,000-$3,000 a month in billable hours flushed
down the toilet. You’re reading this because you want freedom, not another millstone around your neck.

Why crawl over broken glass naked and attempt to find, hire, train someone, and
burn thousands of dollars and hundreds of billable hours in the process… when you can
have a world-class team representing your firm to every caller in just a few days?

You don’t need to burden yourself with these costs. Not when there is a “no-hassles” service like ours.

Your investment for the “Gold” plan is $750 per month if you sign on under a one-year contract, or $900 a month
if under a rolling month-to-month contract. There is also a one-time setup fee of $500.

For the “Platinum” plan, your investment is $1,200 per month under a yearly contract, or $1,400 per month if
you choose to go month-to-month. The set-up fee is $1,000.

What about the “Diamond” plan? For this ultimate service, your investment is $1,700 per month under a yearly
contract, or $2,000 per month if you choose to go month-to-month. The set-up fee is, again, $1,000.

A final thought for you:

If you’re the kind of attorney we created this service for, there is a good chance that you’re already losing
valuable business to other attorneys who have more time on their hands than you do – because of missed calls,
having your head in a complex case and not being able to give a PC the attention and empathy they desperately
crave, or not having the bandwidth to keep track of leads and follow up with them aggressively. Agreed?

Now that we are taking this off your plate, and you have a team of top-notch professionals whose full-time
vocation is to turn phone calls into red-hot potential clients – who are trained to recognize and follow up on every
opportunity that comes your way – all it takes is for you to land one extra case per month that would have gotten
away, perhaps even one every two months, and your investment in this service has more than paid for itself.

And that’s not taking into account the “intangibles” that come from having this working for you. The freedom,
the convenience, the peace of mind, and the elevated prestige that comes when you are able to offer the “Golden
Package” and put your absolute best foot forward to every person who calls your law practice.

You alone know whether or not you need something like this.

And if you do, it’s really a no-brainer. There’s nothing to think about here. Frankly, there is a part of me that feels
like a total fool for not offering this service to our attorney clients ten years earlier. It is desperately needed.

In fact, when I put out a “feeler” email for this at the end of July, my inbox was inundated with replies from
attorneys who told me, under no uncertain terms, that we HAD to start offering this new service. Dennis Meador,
our Director of Client Acquisition, told me that many of these same attorneys are practically beating down our
doors with fists full of money in their hands, ready to sign up to the new Speakeasy “White-Glove” Answering
Service as soon as we open it to the first attorneys. That is why there are only 5-8 spots left.

How can YOU get in on this opportunity?

As I mentioned, we are rolling this new service out to a very small Pilot Group of attorneys right now. This is so
that I and my team can monitor every call that comes in like a hawk, continually look for ways to make our new
team sharper, and, really, take a hands-on approach to maximizing the value of this new service for our clients.

If you want to be a part of this Pilot Group, the next step is to schedule a consultation with Dennis, so that he can
take you through the finer points of this program, answer any questions, and get you signed up right away. You
can do this by calling (888) 225-8594. Or, by sending an email to dennis@speakeasymarketinginc.com. Alternatively,
you can click the red button below to apply online right now.

When all the spots have been snapped up, we will close the doors to this service for the time being.

Therefore, if the Speakeasy “White-Glove” Answering service sounds like the game-changer you and your law
practice need right now, I highly recommend you schedule that call and get on board with this TODAY.



Richard Jacobs

Richard Jacobs

“America’s #1 Authority on Legal Marketing for Ambitious & Respected Attorneys”

P.S. So, you thought you’d skip to the end and find out how much this service costs, did you?

For full details on pricing and deliverables, scroll back up to the part with all the check marks. Before
you do that, however, here is a more pertinent question that our more successful attorney clients are asking:

How much is it costing you, right now, to NOT have something like this service in place?

In the last few years, the legal profession has become absolutely cutthroat. Big Law is laying off paralegals,
younger attorneys, even junior partners in droves. Why? Because demand for legal assistance has been dwindling.
It never recovered from the Great Recession of 2007-08, as evidenced by Federal Judicial Caseload remaining
virtually flat (or worse, falling) almost every year in a row since then. On top of that, artificial intelligence has
destroyed an entire tranche of the legal profession and turned tens of thousands of attorneys onto the streets.
Meanwhile, law school keeps pumping out more and more junior attorneys with no jobs waiting for them.

Can you guess what all these desperate attorneys do?

Yep. They hang their shingle as a solo. In the post-pandemic legal economy, this means creating a website over
the weekend, listing themselves on Avvo, running Google ads, and competing directly for your clients.

If a PC calls and you’re not available to answer the phone, there are now DOZENS of other attorneys standing in
line, who will answer their phone at 3am if it means landing the case they need to pay the mortgage.

Where does this leave you?

You cannot afford to turn precious new clients away into the arms of competitors, all because you were too busy,
too tired, or too burnt-out to answer the phone. And, let’s face it, with a spouse and/or kids, you cannot afford to
spend your evenings and weekends sat in an office alone, waiting for the phone to ring. You deserve a life.

The new Speakeasy “White-Glove” Call Answering Service gives you peace of mind. You never need to worry
about missing out on a valuable opportunity again. You will be able to offer the full “Golden Package” experience
to every person who calls, and blow your competitors clean out the water. And, you get your life back too.

If that’s not worth at least $2,000 to you, then, frankly, you’re in the wrong business.

P.P.S. Remember, there is a hard limit to the number of attorneys we can accommodate with this new “White-
Glove” Answering Service, due to the intensity of labor involved. We estimate about 20-25, maximum.

Most of these spots have already been allocated to attorneys who practically begged us to let them in early.

At my time of writing this, there are about 5-8 spots remaining.

So, if you are serious about being a part of this Pilot Group, I urge you to call the number above or send an email
to dennis@speakeasymarketinginc.com and mention this letter. When the last spot is taken, it could be months
before we open the Speakeasy “White-Glove” Answering Service to a second cohort.

If you close this page, you will probably miss the boat.