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2-Step Method Gets Your Firm More Reviews on Yelp, Google Plus, Avvo, and Your Website…

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Dear Attorney

If you're struggling to get new reviews on Google Plus, Avvo, Yelp, and/or other review sites, then I have something for you that might help – it’s an ingenious two-step method for getting 4- and 5-star reviews from your past clients (without being pushy), and I’d like to show you how it works.

Now, I can’t make any promises for your unique situation of course.

However, I can tell you this:

We’ve tested this process with several of our clients, and each time it’s got them between 5 and 32 new reviews for their website or Google/Yelp/Avvo profile – in little more than a week.

There’s no reason why it couldn’t get similar results for you too.

It’s all down to this two-step method.

Why Two Steps?

I've found that there are two barriers to getting solid reviews:

  1. Past clients generally don't want to take time out of their day to help you. Sadly, this is human nature. There’s not much we can do about it. (But there is a smart workaround – more in a moment.)
  2. It's not ethical (nor, in many states, legal) to pay clients for reviews. I definitely don't recommend you do this, for obvious reasons.

However, like I said, we’ve developed a clever two-step process that bypasses both these barriers. It's completely legal and ethical. And, as you’ve seen, it has delivered excellent results for our clients.

Now, when I say “excellent results”, we’re not only talking about getting more reviews.

One of the important “side effects” of adding three, four, five, sometimes a dozen more 4- and 5-star reviews to your Avvo, Yelp, and Google Plus profiles is that it raises your firm’s overall rating.

Think about this for a second:

When a potential (or even a respected peer, like a judge or a clerk) searches for your law firm on Google, your star-rating is one of the first things they see. When they see that your firm’s Avvo, Google Plus, and Yelp profiles are stuffed full of positive reviews, it means you have a solid reputation.

Result? Increased retention rates, higher fees, and more invites to private dinners.

And there’s more:

Lots of firms, through no fault of their own, have one or two bad reviews on their profiles. Obviously, this method I’m going to share with you won’t make them go away – but if you add a handful of great reviews to a profile, the bad ones get pushed to the bottom, marginalized, and rendered irrelevant.

(In fact, we’ve found that one or two “bad” reviews, against a dozen or so positive ones, actually increases your firm’s credibility – but only if you have all those positive reviews.)

Do you want to know what these two steps are?

Great. Because I'd love to share them with you.

Complimentary Guide

We’ve just put the finishing touches on a new written guide – one that explains this unique method in enough detail that you can follow the steps on your own and flood your website and profiles with positive reviews.

It’s called Reputable: The Attorney’s Guide to Getting More Reviews on Yelp, Google Plus, Avvo, and Your Website, without Harassing Past Clients or Acting Unethically, and I’d love to send a copy to you.

(If you’re busy, you could even pass this guide to your admin and have them implement it.)

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Respectfully yours,

Richard Jacobs
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