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Episode 347 – Stay Calm and Prepare for Coming Changes in Your Practice Area

A lot’s happened in the world over the past two years, and things continue to change at a rapid pace. We’ve all been squeezed financially, and current inflation resulting from the dynamic between the US, Russia, and Ukraine is only making things worse. It might be easy to bury your head in the sand, cross …

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Episode 346 – HELP Before You’re Hired—You’ll Be Hired a Lot More Often

Having generated over 100,000 leads in 17 practice areas, we’ve learned a few things about what clients need. And with the recent launch of Speakeasy Marketing’s Attorney Answering Service, we’re learning even more. Richard Jacobs breaks it down in today’s short episode, using three common practice areas as examples of how to help potential clients …

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Episode 345 – The Golden Hour Rule and Other Crucial Data Every Attorney Should Know

78% of customers will buy from—or retain or hire—the FIRST business that responds to them. And if you respond to a potential client within one hour—the “Golden Hour”—of the potential client’s first contact, you’re 7x more likely to convert them to a paying client. Only 7% of attorneys respond to potential client contacts within 5 …

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Episode 344 -Knowledge is Power—And Profit in Your Pocket

The very first client to sign up for Speakeasy’s Attorney Answering Service (AAS) led to something surprising but instructive: No matter what service you’re using from us, we can quickly find out what you’re doing wrong, what you’re doing right, and how you can improve. We get insights from your potential and existing clients that …

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Episode 343 – Know Your Ideal Client: Attorney Answering Service Doubles as Data Bank

What’s going on inside the mind of your ideal client? What are their fears and concerns? What do they need from an attorney and how can you provide it better and more quickly than your competitors? What should you say (or not say) to secure lucrative referrals? Having the answers to these questions is invaluable, …

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Episode 342 – Superconverting Attorneys

This is the Secrets of Attorney Marketing podcast from Speakeasy Marketing. What has Richard Jacobs learned from delivering over 100,000 leads to hundreds of attorneys over the past 12+ years? That’s what he shares with you today. And he also tells you why to take advantage of learning from fellow attorneys who’ve earned the “super-converter” …

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Episode 341 – The Power of Proper Positioning – Put Yourself Above Your Competitors

In order to successfully sell to attorneys and actually help them, Richard Jacobs not only had to become a professional in the field, but position himself as such in the eyes of every potential attorney client. Over the past 12 years, he’s helped deliver well over 100,000 leads for more than 1,100 attorneys across 17 …

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Episode 340 – From Zero to Ten: The Key to Client Conversion

Zero…two…ten… How many potential clients would you like to convert this month? How much money can you afford to lose by trying, but ultimately failing? Far too many attorneys still believe that converting clients is a matter of luck. Richard Jacobs would beg to differ, and he’s got an impressive amount of experience and success …

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Episode 339 – Missed Call, Major Missed Opportunity

If snagging the best case of your year were as simple as answering a phone call, would you want to miss it? Would you want a subpar answering service to drive high-value clients into the arms of your competitors? Probably not, but you may already be letting this happen. Out of hundreds of law firms, …

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Episode 338 – Strategies to Significantly Save on Taxes—TaxVantage Consulting

When Wes Matejka entered the world of tax consulting, he had already spent 30 years listening to business owners talk about the challenges they face as a result of regulation and taxation—challenges making it difficult to even run their business, employ people, and contribute to the community. This compelled Matejka to start researching taxation and …

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