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Episode 78 – Why Do Most Attorneys Fail In Marketing And How You Can Turn Failure In To Success?

Failing VS Failing Forward – sounds catchy? Well, there is a big difference – failure is when you try something and you don’t really work at it that hard, you try a new marketing scheme and it doesn’t get you clients. You eventually stop doing it and try something else. You failed! Is that your …

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Episode 77 – Your Potential Clients Are Fragmented Amongst Facebook, Yelp, Google And More Making It Hard To Market To Them

Today i am going to talk about why is marketing so hard for attorneys and what do you need to do in order to get more clients online.  

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Episode 76 – 1000 Mile Journey Accomplished Step By Step

“The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step” – The problem this proverb addresses comes up all the time and in this Podcast today I am going to explain how YOU as an attorney can accomplish more by doing less.  

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Episode 75 [General] Two Useful Google Hacks For Attorneys To Grow Their Practice Online

I’ve tried to clear the misconceptions attorneys have regarding their websites and how Google sees and ranks them. I’ve also shared two useful Google hacks attorneys can use to grow their practice online. So, sit back, relax and listen to this short audio to find out how to use Google in your favor!  

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Episode 74 [General] When Someone Makes A Mistake Should You Rip Their Head Off?

Someone has committed a mistake, now what? In this short audio, I will be focusing on how to respond to others mistakes. Mistakes happen – but it is how you deal with it effectively. I have shared my personal experience of how I changed my approach to respond to my employee’s mistakes.    

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Episode 73 [General] Why Quality Profile Pictures Are Important For your Law Firm’s Website?

Most of the attorneys do not bother putting up their profile pictures on their website. In this short audio I have explained how quality profile pictures on your web can get you more business online.  

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Episode 72 [Attorney SEO] How Yelp & Google Can Bring A Lot Of Business For Your Law Firm?

Wondering how your competitors are getting a lot of business from Google and Yelp? Worried why you can’t do the same? Listen to this short audio where I’ve explained in detail how you can use both Yelp & Google to boost your business.  

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Episode 71 [General] Why Having An Amateur Create Your Website A Bad Idea?

Creating / Making a website isn’t easy, there’s a lot that goes into it and an armature would never be able to do all that for you. So, instead of saving some money you’d end up loosing thousands of dollars and your precious time because the armature guy couldn’t get you what you need. We, …

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Episode 70 [General] How Your Phones Are Answered Can Make Or Lose You Thousands

Answering your phone is not just a lost art it also can cost you thousands of dollars each month! As an attorney you could be losing 2,3 or even 10 cases a month if your phone is not accessible. I’ve shared some insights on how you can learn the lost art again.  

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Episode 69 [Attorney SEO] Webinar Part 7: How To Communicate With Your Past Clients On A Regular Basis?

It is very important to keep in touch with your past clients to stimulate referrals. The question is, “how to communicate with your past clients on a regular basis?” I’ve found that sending a monthly newsletter to your past happy clients can do the trick. Find out in this audio how you can get your …

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