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Episode 48 [General] Helping Your Clients Decide Why They Should Hire You

When people want to hire an attorney, they look at the reviews to see how you’ve helped other people. They are focused on your experience, especially if you have answer to their specific problem. Now it’s your job to give them an indicator to hire you versus someone else. Other than your reviews, you can …

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Episode 47 [General] Radio Days for Attorneys: Does Radio Advertising Really Work?

Richard Jacobs, attorney marketing specialist talks about the use Radio in Attorney Advertising and how it can be used most efficiently. He highlights with the help of examples the common mistakes that most of the attorneys make in Radio Advertising. It is then further elaborated that what are the right ways of doing Radio Advertising …

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Episode 46 [Attorney SEO] STOP Checking Your Google Rankings !

Everyone who has even a little knowledge of SEO is running after the Google RANKINGS because they think if they have good rankings, they are going to get good business. When it comes to SEO for law firm websites, even the lawyers do the same. They get their site redone, SEO’d and right after few …

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Episode 45 [Attorney SEO] Content For Attorney Websites Is Like Oxygen For People – Here’s Why

Richard Jacobs talks about ‘why content is important in SEO and how content is the most important driver in succeeding with SEO and Attorney Advertising’. The importance of generating content in accordance with the Google search algorithm must be understood because Google search algorithm is the primary criteria for your content. The emphasis must be …

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Episode 44 [General] Chase Bank’s 100 Year Marketing Mistake – What It Means For Lawyers

Richard Jacobs talks about the importance of past experience with the present situation to solve most of the cases with ease. He has narrated a story about Chase Bank and related it to the formula to excel for attorneys. Sharing the experiences with other attorneys is the key, it is called ‘master minding’ through which …

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Episode 43 [Attorney SEO] WEBINAR – Sending Newsletters To Stimulate Referrals From Your Past Clients

Hello, this is Richard Jacobs from Speakeasy Marketing. Today, I’m going to talk to you about the ins and outs of sending a newsletter, a monthly newsletter to past clients. The whole goal of doing this is to stimulate referrals from your past clients and I’m sure you’ll tell me, as most attorneys have told …

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Episode 42 [Attorney SEO] WEBINAR – The Importance Of Back Links Pointing To Your Website And How To Get Them?

Hello, this is Richard Jacobs from Speakeasy Marketing. Today, I’m going to talk to you about the importance of back links pointing to your website and how to get them, how to get good quality ones. Now, this is a tough topic because Google is always fighting spam and there are always people out there …

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Episode 41 [Attorney SEO] WEBINAR – How To Best Create The Content For Your Law Firm Website?

Hello, this is Richard Jacobs from Speakeasy Marketing and I am going to talk to you about content, how do you get content for your site and how much is enough and where should the content come from and what’s the leverage way to do it that doesn’t eat up all your time, that’s what …

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Episode 40 [General] Build Assets & Think Long Term to Build Your Law Practice

When we talk about lawyers and how they run their practice, a lot of questions come into our minds that how to make the practice successful and what can be done to contribute towards building trust and reputation of the law firms. This depends on many factors like building good relationships with the clients, with …

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Episode 39 [General] Amateur to Expert – Why This Cycle Is So Beneficial, Even For Lawyers

I have given my expert opinion about the cycle from Amateur to Expert and have tried to make it inspirational for new attorneys. I have explained in detail, with the help of examples, how you keep trying to do something beside failure and ultimately succeed and become expert at it. It is then intelligently related …

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