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Episode 278 – Being Consistent, Following Through, and Winning in Business

In this interesting podcast from Richard Jacobs, the president and founder of Speakeasy Marketing, Inc., Jacobs discusses the essence of a brand and the importance of ‘consistency of message.’ Jacobs is a noted marketing professional, and throughout his successful career leading Speakeasy Marketing, he has helped many law firms and private attorneys nail their marketing …

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Episode 279 – Putting Your Best Foot Forward, Even When You Make Mistakes, Especially When You Make Mistakes!

Richard Jacobs, the president/founder of Speakeasy Marketing, Inc., discusses his thoughts on kindness and humanity, and the importance of both in life, and business.   Jacobs is a respected leader in the marketing world, and throughout his long career, he has successfully guided countless law firms and private attorneys to their greater success, advising them and …

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Episode 280 – Gigi Grandoli, Litigation and Paralegal Expert – Principles to Follow to Make Your Firm A “Successful Firm”

Gigi Grandoli is a litigation and paralegal expert who has a deep understanding of what elements are needed to make a law firm successful. Speakeasy Marketing guides law firms and private attorneys to their greater success, advising them on marketing strategies and putting plans into action, productive targeted marking efforts that yield new, and better, …

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