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Episode 9: [Attorney SEO] Track Your Marketing Results Accurately – For Attorneys

Attorneys spent lots of money on their marketing campaigns like web marketing, SEO, Direct mail, TV ads, radio ads, billboards, and many other platforms. Sometimes they get results, sometimes they don’t. It’s like a bet and you just wait what happens after your move. Shouldn’t be THIS way. You must track your marketing results and …

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Episode 8: [Attorney SEO] 7 Important Questions To Ask BEFORE Hiring Any SEO or Web Company – For Attorneys

Knowledge is power – the power to discern who will be a good vendor that will make you money, vs. who is showing red flags about performing and helping you grow your law practice. Ask these 7 questions of any SEO company, Website Developer, pay per click company, direct mail, or other advertising and you’ll …

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Episode 7: [Attorney SEO] Attorney Marketing Sales Funnel: Diagnosis and Rectification

An attorney’s sales funnel is a series of steps that your cold, totally unknown potential clients go through until they become your clients at the end of the funnel. There are three steps; and it is very important to diagnose where you lose the prospect clients and try to rectify the problem in order to …

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Episode 6: [Attorney SEO] For Attorneys: What is a Sales Funnel?

An attorney’s sales funnel is a series of steps that your cold, totally unknown potential clients go through until they become your clients at the end of the funnel. There are several problems that you face to during this process. Richard Jacobs comprehensively addresses all the problems and suggests what you can do to deal …

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Episode 5: [Attorney SEO] Why You Shouldn’t Sign Long Term SEO of Web Development Contracts

It really is not a good idea to sign a one year, two year or maybe 3 year contract with any SEO or web Development Company because if those companies do not produce results with you, there is not point you should carry on working with them, and waste your money. If you are not …

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Episode 4: [Attorney SEO] A Radically Different, ‘Makes Sense’ Approach for Attorney SEO

SEO for law firm websites is pretty basic at SpeakEasyMarketing; primary focus is on the content; the articles and blog posts on your website and other is getting quality and relevant back links to your website. There is content on every other attorney website, which is kind of monotonous and boring all the time. Our …

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Episode 3: [Attorney SEO] Timeframe for
Attorney SEO to Reach the Top of Google Results

You might have heard different SEO companies say that they’ll take you to the first page of Google in the first month or second maybe. This is UNREAL! It doesn’t happen that way. Reaching at the top of Google is not an easy job that can be accomplished in days or weeks. Moreover, it’s totally …

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Episode 2: [Attorney Conversation Series] This Attorney Gets 80% Referrals – Amazing

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s VERY unusual for an attorney to get 75-80% of their clients from past client referrals. When I first heard this from Jeff Witten, a personal injury attorney out of Vancouver, Canada, I was shocked but intrigued to hear HOW he does it. What’s that? You’re not …

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Episode 1: [Direct Mail] This Guy Mailed Over 1 Billion Direct Mail Pieces

You’ve probably never heard of Boardroom and Bottom Line Publications, never mind Brian Kurtz, its vice president. Brian’s direct mail company sells books and newsletters by using direct mail. You may think this is weird, unprofitable, and antiquated, but Boardroom is a 30 million dollar company today, and at one time was worth nearly 100 …

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