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Episode 24 [General] Being Professional: Does It Make Potential Clients Retain You?

Wearing a suit, perfectly shaven, sophisticated office environment, strictly sticking to the legal matters while conversing with the prospect client: Will this make the potential clients retain you? Not Really! People don’t take much of their buying decision based on the level of professional treatment they get but most of the times; their decision is …

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Episode 23 [General] Losing Business? You Might be Unintentionally Pushing Your Clients Away!

Let’s talks about why and how you might be pushing your clients away unintentionally and having your phone dead. It can all be summed in one word: Hope. Ethical hope. Not making false promises. People come to you when they are in trouble and need help. If you give them hope no matter how complicated …

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Episode 22 [General] What Is The Importance Of Quality, Engaging, Compelling Content For Attorney Websites?

Millions of attorney websites, countless SEO companies handling their marketing, but SAME repetitive content because the laws are same, penalties are same, and consequences are same. That’s not what you should be looking for. Your website shouldn’t be one of flock of sheeps. People are not going to read any of that repetitive stuff. The …

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Episode 21 [General] Marketing Your Law Firm: Easier Said Than Done – Limiting Beliefs

There are some things that look easy but are really hard to do when you get into them; sometimes, impossible. Marketing you law firm is one of these. It takes lot of stabbing and years of experience to be really good at what you’re doing. Legal marketing looks easy, but is actually very hard!   …

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Episode 20 [General] Your Law Firm’s Website: Is It REALLY Getting You Clients?

Spent loads of money and got your website designed and maintained in a really sophisticated manner by a bunch of professional but NO results! Really want to know what’s going on? Is Your Law Firm website really getting you the clients? How do you know which client found you through your website? You don’t know! …

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Episode 19 [General] For Attorneys: How To Ethically Guarantee Your Services

This is a very serious topic as attorneys are restricted by their bar associations and legal organization that they cannot guarantee their results, they can’t use the words like expert or specialist for their area of law and this really hurts. People want to know if the attorney they are talking to is able to …

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Episode 18 [Google Proof] How to Implement Sound Legal Marketing Strategies for Your Law Firm’s Website

This is the final episode of the five-part series on how to Google proof your website. In the previous four lessons about how to Google-proof your legal website; I talked about what to do in order to save your website from being dumped in the Google’s next big update. This audio tells you how we …

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Episode 17 [Google Proof] Related Articles, Testimonials Make the Potentials Realize “They Are In The Right Place”

Thinking why are you not getting enough visitors on your law firm website although you have hundreds of pages of content and quality back links? This video addresses the problems that your law firm website might be facing which are resulting in lack of visitors and potentials calling. These issues include designing issue and other …

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Episode 16 [Google Proof] Quality and Relevant Links to Your Law Firm Website Save You from Being Toasted

What if you get hundreds or maybe thousands of links to your law firm website but not RELEVANT? You’re toasted! Lots of SEO companies offer such link building services that they’ll get you 500 or 1000 links to your site for $XYZ. You need to stay away from these kinds of offers because you might …

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Episode 15 [Google Proof] Importance of Interesting, Educational content on Your Law Firm’s Website to Getting Potentials Call or Email

Interesting, Educational and quality content is very important for your website to keep the visitors busy and read more and more about you. Almost every other attorney is saying same things over and over again. The laws are same, penalties are same, everything is same but you have to stand out in the crowd and …

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