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Episode 221 – ‘Ransomware’ Attack On Mr. X’s Law Firm. How Safe Are You?

Recently one of my clients, let’s call him Mr. X, had a ransomware attack and he had to pay 6 Bitcoins (around $4000 at the time) to get his data files un-encrypted and returned to him by the hacker who extorted him. Ransomware spread mainly through spam e-mail and immediately infected one of Attorney X’s …

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Episode 220 – Three Strategies Learned From An Unusual Place

I just talked to one of my clients and learned three new strategies that you can use today to grow your business in 2017. In this latest podcast, I’ve talked about how you can work on your messaging, make it personal, more vivid and more understandable for your potentials. I’ve also talked about how to …

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Episode 219 – The Benefits Of Taking Great Care Of Your Clients

Providing excellent service to your clients can help you get more business and also more genuine, positive reviews and testimonials. The benefits of taking great care of your clients are countless but the most important one is that you’ll be able to get testimonials from your clients and the best part is that the case …

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Episode 218 – Lessons For Small Businesses From a PR Mastermind

CEO of Zebra PR, Kojenwa Mojitt, works with clients of all calibers – from big time celebrity attorneys to smaller mom & pop shops. Kojenwa has found after years working in public relations, at the end of the day, all businesses need the same thing – exposure. Tune in while she lets us in on …

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Episode 217 – What It Takes To Be A Successful Female Attorney In Today’s World

Becoming a successful female lawyer is not always easy and for many it may even prove to be too much. Leading Texas attorney, Aubrey Connatser, shares her journey of what it took and what pitfalls she avoided to becoming the founder of a thriving Texas family law firm. Listen to her fascinating story below and …

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Episode 216 – Money Matters: Protecting Your Client’s Resources Before, During, and After a Relationship

Money matters but when most people enter into an intimate relationship, they don’t give much thought to preparing financially before they dive in with both feet. They rarely think about what they will face if it ends. Who wants to think or talk business when you first fall in love or when the relationship is …

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Episode 215 – How To Make Your Firm Stand Out In The Crowd

Making your business stand out in the crowd is tricky under any conditions, let alone in the jungle of Manhattan. High powered criminal defense attorney, Todd Spodek, shares the approach Spodak Law Group has taken and what has made them a thriving firm since 1976.  Listen to his advice in the podcast below and make sure …

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Episode 214 – Effective Marketing Tips From A Successful Small Firm Attorney

Family law attorney, Damien McKinney explains how he used his experience from working with a large firm to take the leap to start his own practice. Branching out on your own can be a risky venture. Join us as another successful attorney shares how he used grassroots marketing to forge his way into creating one …

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Episode 213 – How To Grow Your Law Practice By Asking The Right Questions

Planning is one of the most important factor in growing a law practice. Even if you really want to focus on being a lawyer and not a marketer, still you need to prepare a sequence of action steps that you’d take to grow your practice and it doesn’t have to be a 5 year plan …

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Episode 212 – The Perfect Day Formula – Craig Ballantyne of Early to Rise

Today I have a powerful interview to share with you. Craig Ballantyne from Early to  shares how busy and overwhelmed people can plan their perfect day, and boost their productivity without letting their job take over their entire life. You’ll learn the simple time management tricks to skyrocket your productivity, improve your sleep, and become …

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