Speakeasy Marketing
  • Screen out price-shoppers, establish your authority positioning, and get
    potential clients pre-sold on hiring you… before you even get on the line
  • Conduct interactive case evaluations over Zoom… in a way that has
    potentials riveted to the screen and hanging on your every word… and in a
    way that makes it virtually impossible for them to click away to Facebook
  • “Frame” your offer in a way that makes it look like irresistibly more
    valuable than competing attorneys’ packages… even if you are more
  • Close potentials immediately, while they are on the line… so you finish the
    call with a signed retainer and cash on its way to your bank account
  • Automatically follow up with “maybe” potentials using email, text, direct
    mail, and telephone/voicemail… so you never leave money on the table

Apply to the Our Private Roll-Out Group

1. Schedule a consultation with Dennis Meador During this 30-minute phone call, he will talk you through the “moving
parts” of the Virtual Closing System and answer any questions.

2. (Potentially) A Spot in the Private Roll-Out Group Virtual Closing System isn’t right for every law practice. If it looks like your
practice is a good fit for this – and if there are still spots available in our
private roll-out group
– Dennis will offer you a place.

3. Access to Virtual Closing System If you are offered a spot, you will be able to log into the members area
and download the trainings, scripts, and other materials immediately.
So you can start putting them to work in your practice right away.

This offer cannot be combined with any other offer