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How to get reviews from past clients (the “indirect” way)

A lot of attorneys tell me – it’s hard to get reviews from past clients, especially if you work in something like criminal defense, because folks don’t want to air their dirty laundry in public. It’s true, to a point. Nobody wants to broadcast their problems on Avvo or Google Plus. And so if you …

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Callers Who Waste Your (or your admin’s) Time On The Phone

Quick question: Do you get frustrated with time wasters and marketing vultures calling your law office, even though they don’t have a legal problem to discuss? If so, then I have something for you. It’s a simple 12-word question. Give it to your admins — or anyone else that answers the phone, including yourself — …

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The Three Legal Customer “archetypes”

Here’s something most attorneys have learned over time: Legal customers really come in three different “archetypes”. That is, 99% of potentials you’ll ever meet fit into one of these three boxes: #1 — the chronic procrastinator: This type of potential waits until the day before their arraignment (sometimes literally) before they think about finding a …

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Why Your Website Might Be Under-performing… And How To Fix It

Not many of my readers know about this — so I wanted to take a few minutes and tell you about a complimentary service we provide. It’s called a Video Site Review. It’s 100% free. There are no strings. Basically, it’s kind of like one of those alien autopsy scenes from The X-Files. I open your …

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3 Things You Need To Nail To Retain More Clients

If a law firm wants to attract and retain more clients than its competitors (and earn a reputation among both clients and peers as a force to be reckoned with), there are three key parts of its marketing that it needs to get right: (1) Attracting potentials to your website — this goes beyond SEO …

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12 Things The Most Prestigious & Respected Law Firms Do Differently

When it comes to marketing your law firm and attracting new (and “high-quality”) clients via your website, there are three key stages: (1) Attracting potentials to your website (2) Inspiring them to call your firm or make an inquiry (3) Getting them to show up for the initial consult and close Now, chances are, you …

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The Newsletter Is Dead

“The newsletter is dead.” “After all, who has time to read it?” That’s what Gary Mitchell, a lawyer coach, says in his article over here. What do I think? It doesn’t matter what I think. The numbers clearly show that Mr. Mitchell is wrong — and who can argue with empirical evidence? Let’s talk about …

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Why Potentials Go Ghost?

Many attorneys say to me: “Rich, if I could just get them into my office, I have a very, very, very high closing rate. I know I can close ’em. It’s just getting them in that’s hard!” How often does this happen to you: You do an initial phone consult, the potential seems keen, and …

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An Honest Look At What It Takes For Solo & Small Law Firms To Attract Business & Make Money?

An attorney named Atchie left me this review on If you have seen the movie Hangover (the first one), there is a scene when a cop is laughing when a kid shoots a suspect in the face with a stun-gun. The cop says, “In the faaaaaace, in the fa-a-a-a-ace.” That is what this book reminded …

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Attorney Bio Page Photos — Should You Smile?

As you probably know, your bio photo is an important part of the marketing puzzle. It’s what makes potentials feel “safe” about calling you. Now, there’s a debate right now among legal marketers: Should an attorney smile, and look friendly, or should you have a neutral expression that conveys professional competence? It’s a good question, …

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