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Episode 244 – Legal Communication Expert Shares Insider Tips To Polishing Skills In and Out Of Courtroom

Sari de la Motte, Founder and CEO of FORTE, a communications consulting firm based in Oregon, sits down to talk to us about her work in helping attorneys fine-tune nonverbal intelligence and communication skills in and out of the courtroom. Sari and her team lend their expertise by coaching lawyers across the country to tailor …

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Episode 243 – Today’s Immigration Issues – Attorney Alfredo Lozano

With hot button issues surrounding immigration in the news, we were happy to sit down and talk with attorney, Alfredo Lozano, to get his take on some of the biggest issues boiling up today. Lozano is an attorney who knows and understands immigration issues on both a personal and professional level. He himself is a …

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Episode 242 – Robyn Crane – Inspiring Professional Women & Entrepreneurs

Join us for an inspiring conversation with Robyn Crane, Money & Business Growth Expert. Robyn shares her journey as a young, female entrepreneur beginning in her teens setting up her own small business until today where she celebrates her success as a #1 best selling author, mother and business woman. Stay tuned all the way …

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Episode 241 – CEO of GoBeyond SEO Shares Marketing Tips For Your Law Firm

Recently I spoke with SEO guru Brian Saeman, of GoBeyond SEO, on how he is helping his clients go beyond their marketing limits. Brian shares effective techniques on how solo attorneys and large law firms can grow their practice and profitability by using trending and old-school online strategies. Listen in and pick up a few …

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Episode 240 – How Goal-Setting Can Transform And Grow Your Law Practice

Goals take us forward in life; they are the oxygen to our dreams and to our businesses. Goal-setting should be the first step to every journey we take whether its personal or business related. In this podcast you will learn not only how to set goals but also how to achieve those goals. You first …

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Episode 239 – Founder Of PILMMA Talks Law Firm Marketing & Management

Join us in a talk with Ken Hardison, the founder of Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing & Management Association (PILMMA), as he fills us in how becoming a member or simply attending one of their conferences benefits today’s attorney. PILMMA runs multiple marketing and networking events and programs throughout the year, online and face to face, …

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Episode 238 – Dealing with Compromised Clients

There are many “make or break” moments. One of the most sensitive moments is when you sit down with a new client, sift through all their past dirt, and find out if they are compromised. Why is this moment such a big deal? Because being a compromised person is painful. It’s one of those things …

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Episode 237 – Scam Alert – An Attorney Client Warned Us About This

“Site Lock” scam is common, and it has duped a lot of firms, sometimes costing them more than a thousand dollars. Today’s podcast (4 mins long) details everything you need to know to protect yourself from this latest internet scam. Listen & share with your fellow attorneys and make sure to subscribe to the podcast …

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Episode 236 – Fascinating Attorney Customer Review Results

Online reviews are the foundation for a firm’s authenticity and credibility. Reviews help clients make a decision whether they should hire you or not. So only for you folks we went all the way to carry out a research, on getting clients to review (Good or Bad). What we found was astonishing and learned that …

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Episode 235 – The Best Time to Ask For a Positive Review

Getting clients to review you on Google Maps/Yelp is without a doubt a tough task, especially if you’re a DUI or Criminal Defense attorney. But there is an easy and effective way to get positive reviews. Which could be the difference between your business getting better ranking on Google than your competitors. I’ve explained it …

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