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If the above Rings True, then you must Read On

You wouldn’t be reading this unless you:

  • Aren’t getting enough clients
  • Don’t know which marketer to trust
  • Don’t have time to market your practice
  • Became a lawyer to practice law, not be a marketer
  • Are losing precious time with your wife and children, working nights / weekends
  • Spend all your time driving to, sitting in, arguing, and driving back from court
  • See retainer fees dragged down by price shoppers & idiot attorney competition
  • Worry constantly about making your monthly nut

“What Works”is a mystery, because nothing seems to work:

Twitter / Facebook / SEO / Pay Per Click / Page 1 of Google / Google Maps / Google+ /
Direct Mail / Referrals / Radio / TV / Billboards

My name is Richard Jacobs, and I’ve discovered quite a bit about the plight of solo
practitioners and small 2 or 3 man firms like yours these past 3 years…

…not only do I understand the unique problems attorneys face, I have the solutions to take
you from the daily grind you’re in to the successful practice you’ve always wanted, but
found out of reach, like these clients:

  • Amir L. from Orlando FL was getting 3-5 visitors to his website each day. Fourteen months later, he's receiving at least 100 every day, his phone rings daily… and he's netting an average of $13,700 every month in retainer fees, just from his website.
  • Kevin L. from Philadelphia PA is adamant his website was responsible for bringing him 34 new clients during 2012… and $102,000+ in retainer fees.
  • Joe P. from Arizona was suffering the worst year he'd ever had in his 23-year career as an attorney. After nine weeks, visitors to his site skyrocketed… and the number of telephone inquiries he received from potential clients increased 432%.

My marketing methods are tried, tested and proven:

  • I built from scratch, using 100% Google-compliant, white-hat
    search engine optimization methods to over 1,132 Google visitors a day (33,960/
    month) and helped deliver over 34,392 DWI / DUI leads to attorneys nationwide.
    (The site was profitably sold in 2013 to a competitor.)
  • Using my 60 minute book authoring process, I’ve made published authors out of 37 attorneys, in areas such as DUI, Divorce, Sex Crimes, Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, Traffic Offenses, Federal Crimes, Car Accidents, and more. (As a published author who uses my 5 step client-attraction book system, you will reduce ‘no-shows’ by 25% or more, increase overall retention by 20%, and make thousands more without having any additional potential client flow beyond your current levels.)
  • NONE of my current or past attorney clients has been slapped by Google, EVER. Google slaps can result in you waking up with zero visitors to your website, and your phone going dead.
    (You have no fear of black-hat techniques that some marketers use to turn your website into a ticking time bomb.)
  • You don’t have to blog AT ALL. No need to write even a single word, even though your
    website will grow to have 70,000+ words / 120+ articles of quality content effortlessly.
    (Your website will become a go-to, trusted source of content about your practice areas, containing dozens, and eventually hundreds of articles that attract, inform, and compel Google searchers to call you for legal help.)
  • Imagine selling your website for $100K or more, because it has become a client-
    retention machine; an asset that brings in $120,000 a year of retainer fees, like
    (Even if you don’t sell your website, it turns into a 3x, 5x or even 10x return on investment, bringing you 3, 5, even 8 retained clients, month after month.)

You’ll be surprised to learn EXACTLY how I’m going to deliver what I’ve described, when you click here on Marketing Packages.

I hold nothing back because I have no fear of competition – it’s just too much work, education and implementation to worry about copycats.

And yes, my work comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee, described HERE.

To get the results you’ve been searching for, the first step is to call me, Richard Jacobs, for a free 30 minute initial consultation to see if we’re a fit and can work together.

Richard Jacobs
Author: "Secrets of Attorney Marketing
Law School Dares Not Teach"
now available on Amazon)
Speakeasy Marketing, Inc.
Call me: <888> 225 - 8594

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