[Case Study] How Attorney Aaron Bortel
Increased His Revenue By 20% In Just 9 Months

Aaron Bortel's firm operates in one of the most ruthlessly competitive markets in the legal profession. In the last few years, he noticed a slowdown in potentials calling and becoming clients – and other practices in his area were going out of business. Speakeasy Marketing's PRIME Marketing Method allowed Mr. Bortel to increase his firm's revenue by 20% in nine months.

After nine months, Mr. Bortel's website attracted 17 new leads per month. (When he first started working with Speakeasy Marketing, his website was attracting 6 new leads per month.)

Case Study Highlights

  • Site traffic increased by 218%
  • Monthly leads increased from 6 to 17
  • Firm’s revenue increased by 20% in 9 months
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