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94 Proven Ways To Attract More Potentials

Yesterday, I told you about the 94-point checklist that my team uses to examine an attorney’s website with a fine-tooth comb when we first take them on as a new client. We do this to make sure their website isn’t leaving any money on the table. After three years of testing on over 300 attorney …

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ALL Of Your Website Traffic Gone OVERNIGHT?

Here’s a scary fact: A few years back, I surveyed 400 attorneys to find out if they owned their domain name. 90% of them said they weren’t sure. What’s so scary about this? Well, let’s say you don’t own your domain name. Instead, it’s owned by your SEO or marketing company, or your web guy. …

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How To Harvest Bushels Of Client Reviews

Yesterday, we were talking about why marketing isn’t best used as a quick-fix for a flagging business, it’s something you set up early on – like planting a seed – so that it grows and blossoms over the years and bears fruit. Again, like the old Chinese proverb says: “The best time to plant a …

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Lumpy” Mail

I’d like to share a classic client-generation strategy that companies in a variety of industries have used successfully for years. Oddly enough, it’s rarely used in the legal profession, but we routinely use it with our attorney clients because it’s a time-tested and proven strategy to land new cases. What is it? A deceptively simple …

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Marketing – Beneath The Dignity Of Attorneys

What I’m about to say is controversial. In fact, you might completely disagree with me on this. You might even unsubscribe. However, I’m not here to mince words. I’m here to help you increase your profitability and give you a competitive advantage in your practice area. So this must be discussed sooner or later. If …

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New Strategy Produces 6 New Clients In A Month

Quick story: About a year ago, I managed to talk a client of ours into trying a “new” client acquisition strategy. We already knew it would be effective, because we’d seen it work many times before. But it was entirely new to him, so he was concerned it might backfire. However, the results spoke for …

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Once Upon A Time, This Brought In More Cases

“If I can just get more potentials into my office, I know I can close ‘em.” That’s something I hear attorneys say quite often. Unfortunately, that method stopped working around 2013. Once upon a time, if attorneys wanted to expand their practice and take on more cases, they only had to buy (or attract from …

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The Myth Of Targeting “Commercial” Keywords

Let’s talk SEO strategy for a moment. To show up on the first page of Google and rank near the top, lots of SEO companies will say you need to target broad, “commercial” search terms like “Biloxi tax attorney.” It’s decent advice, and there’s some competitive value in ranking high for keywords like these. However, …

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The Problem With Law Schools

Law schools excel at developing sharp legal minds that know how to prepare, build, and fight tough legal cases. This is as it should be. But the problem is, law schools are now pumping out newly minted juniors at an unprecedented rate. As a result, the legal profession is flooded with more attorney’s than it …

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The Solution For Potentials Who “Ghost” You

You’ve probably heard the term “ghosting”. If you haven’t, it’s when a potential client calls your firm and wastes an hour of your time as you patiently listen and help them understand their case. Then, they vanish. From that moment on, it’s nearly impossible to contact them – they won’t answer the phone, they ignore …

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