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When LESS Clients And FEWER Hours Equal MORE Money?

As you surely know, almost every solo attorney and small law firm wants to increase their revenue. However, taking on more clients and billing more hours is NOT the optimal solution for most. How come? Because, according to Clio’s 2018 Legal Trends Report, 75% of solo attorneys or lawyers who work in a small law …

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When Does A “Bad” Client Lead Become A DEAD Lead?

If you missed it, here’s the “Cliff’s Notes” version: We’ve resurrected “dead” leads for some private clients, and we’d like to test some new, next-level techniques to see if we can get even better results. So – we’re looking for 15 solo attorneys or small firms who will let us test these new tools and …

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The “Jedi Manual” Of Legal Firm Marketing

Are you familiar with the Jedi Masters from Star Wars? In Phantom Menace, Mace Windu famously said that 9-year-old Anakin Skywalker was too “old” to become a Jedi. Why? There are several reasons. But the biggest one is this: The Jedi need to indoctrinate young apprentices’ minds before they attach to specific leaders. They need …

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Public Perception – The NEW Coin Of The Realm

If you landed in legal hot water, or got a call from your deceased uncle’s estate trustees, or suffered an injury at work – you’d ask a trusted friend, or a priest, or a rabbi, or a family physician, to recommend a trusted attorney. And you knew you’d be in good hands. Your advisers were …

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Getting On Google’s First Page – A Sucker’s Game?

Lots of people talk about optimizing your keywords to get on the first page of Google – especially marketing firms and SEO companies who want to sell you on their services. Here’s what many of those SEO firms won’t talk about (or don’t know): Sometimes, paying to get your firm on the first page of …

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Bring “Lost” Money Back In The Door?

Big news. We have a new opportunity opening up for 15 solo attorneys or small law firms who’d like to recapture some “dead” or “ghost” leads. There’s no upfront cost for you to participate. However, it could be quite lucrative for you. Here’s the scoop: As we both know, every firm has a dried-up list …

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A Chorus Of Clients Singing Your Praises?

One of the biggest mistakes I see many attorneys making with their websites is this: They have too few testimonials. Two or three testimonials, no matter how glowing, aren’t going to help “sell” your services much. In my experience, you need to have at least 10 testimonials, but I suggest 30 or more. Why? Because …

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A Little-Known Way To Boost Your Credibility

Every element of your firm’s website counts. What you say, how it looks, the colors, the pictures, and the flow of information, all add up to convey an implicit message to potentials. It should be designed to deliberately establish your preeminence and prove that you’re the best choice, for the kind of cases you handle, …

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Another Attorney Who’s Heading For The Rocks

It’s sexy, it’s seductive, and it destroys a lot of firms’ marketing efforts. I’m talking about how there are many SEO firms and attorneys who want you to believe that ranking on the “first page” of Google for “price-shopping” terms (like “number one lawyer in south bend”) is the golden key to getting more business …

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Client Attracting Dog Whistles?

I’ve said it before, and it’s worth repeating: People don’t hire firms – they hire people. So one of the most powerfully attractive things you can do for your website is to include personal, even revealing, information about yourself – anything that makes you more relatable to the kind of client you wish to attract. …

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