Jen Halulko

Command Center Operations Manager

Jen Halulko is the Command Center Operations Manager at Speakeasy Marketing. Jen oversees Speakeasy’s daily operations and manages the Attorney Answering Service staff. Jen has been with Speakeasy since 2018, and brings over 20 years of experience motivating teams and establishing systems to ensure operations run efficiently and effectively.

Jen is a proud mom of 3 and USAF veteran. In her spare time, Jen enjoys spending quality time with her kids, riding on the back of her hubby’s harley, or getting in some studio time to work on her latest sculpture.

Amber Kakish

Client Services Manager

Amber Kakish is the Client Services Manager at Speakeasy Marketing Having worked previously as a staffing recruiter and studying Psychology and Social Behavior at UCLA, she knows how to effectively manage a team of employees and manage client service based operations within the firm in order to best serve Speakeasy’s clients.

Amber resides in Los Angeles, CA and is passionate about fitness, a major foodie, and loves a good happy hour.

Tracy Binek-Merda

Senior Project/Interview Manager

Tracy Binek-Merda is the Senior Project/Interview Manager at Speakeasy Marketing and has enjoyed working with the company since 2015. Tracy’s primary role is to work with SEO clients to design, coordinate and execute interviews to develop content for their websites.

Tracy is a mother and wife and lives with her family just outside of Dallas, Texas.

David Olney

Business Development Specialist

David Olney is the Business Development Specialist at Speakeasy Marketing. David’s role involves identifying opportunities and implementing improvements across the organization, as well as providing professional development training for our team. David taught Complex Problem Solving and Strategic Culture at the University of Adelaide from 2002 until 2020, and has provided clients ranging from Statisticians to Special Operations Soldiers with high performance training since 2014.

David lives with his wife in Adelaide, South Australia. Outside of work you will find David practicing yoga, playing guitar, or listening to an audiobook.

Michelle Farrar

Account Manager and Marketing Strategist

Michelle Farrar is an account manager and marketing strategist who partners with our attorneys, to grow their personal and professional brands. Michelle oversees website development and SEO results. After spending years working as a supervisor at a major insurance company, she made the switch to SEO and Marketing, here at Speakeasy Marketing. Michelle knows what it takes to drive our marketing efforts, and to create and maintain a successful and profitable law firm website.

In Michelle’s spare time, she enjoys playing with her three beautiful daughters, traveling with her family, camping, and enjoying a hot cup of coffee while watching the sunrise.

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