Jason Campbell’s story could be that of many attorneys.

He did everything law school said he was supposed to do to land new clients, everything the “experts” told him – like ranking on the first page of Google for “commercial” keywords.

Despite that, cases always seemed to go to the other attorneys.

Mr. Campbell learned through bitter experience that, when it comes to getting clients, the best attorney doesn’t necessarily win. His track record as an attorney is smoking hot. He has nearly two decades of experience fighting cases.

Yet, he was left sitting alone in his office, staring at a silent phone with his head in his hands wondering where the next paycheck would come from.

When things started to look desperate, Mr. Campbell finally relented and hired a marketing firm that had been pestering him for weeks. Let’s just call them “Reptile Marketing” (not their real name), because after he signed the contract and locked himself into their service they turned into cold-blooded predators who no longer gave a damn about his livelihood.

What Clients Say About Speakeasy Authority Marketing

They Promised a Torrent of New Business

Before he signed on with them, everything “Reptile Marketing” told seem seemed to make sense: he just needed to be on the first page of Google so that clients would find him.

You can probably guess what happened, though…

Mr. Campbell did indeed receive a beautiful new website and it did indeed start to attract plenty of Google traffic. After a few months, his firm was now ranked near the top of page one for ny divorce attorney”. However, most of that traffic turned out to be junk. (Ironically, many of the “hits” his website received were SEO firms in India scoping him out for business!)

Six months later, things were now worse than ever – and Mr. Campbell swore that he would never trust a marketing company again. (Can you relate to that?)

It was around this time when he started to receive our email newsletter. He couldn’t remember how he signed up for it, but every now and then, one of these emails caught his eye and he would read it – skeptical, but intrigued.

Some of these email newsletters contained actionable steps that Mr. Campbell could give to his “IT guy” and telephone scripts he could hand to his admin. When one of these tweaks helped him land a big case, he decided it was time for us to talk about working together.

Mr. Campbell requested a complimentary strategy session, where he learned about our unique PRIME Marketing Method™. This alternative marketing strategy has helped over 640 solo attorneys and small law firms attract more cases and increase their revenues – simply by making sure that when potentials in their metro/practice area search online for an attorney, their firm is the one that gets found first. Attorneys like:

  • Mr. Bortel, a DUI lawyer in California Bay, who increased his firm’s monthly lead flow from 4 leads to 16 in nine months – resulting in a 20% increase in revenue
  • Mr. Boches, a criminal defense attorney in Illinois, who used this strategy to land one of the biggest cases his firm had even taken on after just a few months
  • Mr. Urbanic, another criminal defense attorney from Oklahoma, who grew his firm by 40% over six months by using this strategy to successfully raise his fees
  • Mr. Thomas, a divorce, custody, and bankruptcy attorney in Arizona, who was able to streamline his firm’s marketing activities and spend more time fighting cases
  • Mr. Alston, a criminal defense lawyer in Texas, who used this strategy to grow his firm by 20% over twelve months by attracting more state- and federal-level cases

Mr. Campbell was still skeptical – after all, he’d already been burned once before – so he went away and made a few discrete enquiries with some of our past clients.

When everything checked out, he took a calculated risk and hired us.

And the result? In twelve months, he added $148,000 to his firm’s revenue.

Consider that for a moment. If you are a solo attorney or the proprietor of a small law firm, $148,000 of added cash is a lot of money. It could mean the difference between barely scraping by and earning a respectable six-figure income for your family.

What Clients Say About Speakeasy Authority Marketing

Would You Like to Know the Secret?

Do you want to discover how we were able to help our clients achieve these kinds of results, when most other marketing companies fail to live up to their promises?

This insight that you are about to discover is the foundation of our strategy (i.e. the PRIME Marketing Method™). It was through leveraging this phenomenon that we were able to help our clients achieve the outcomes you just read about above.

Here it is:

Most marketing companies will tell you that when a potential client decides to hire an attorney, they’ll visit Google and type in something like ny divorce attorney”. This is an example of what marketers call a “commercial” keyword. If you want their business, your firm needs to rank at the top of the results page for the main “commercial” keyword in your metro/practice area.

Sounds plausible, right?

Sure. However, this picture is not entirely accurate.

You see, potentials only search Google for an attorney after they have already made the conscious decision to hire an attorney. However, before they make that decision – sometimes just a few hours before, sometimes several weeks – they use Google to seek out answers to their legal questions. They use blatantly non-commercial search terms like “wife wants divorce will i keep house”.

This next part is key:

While most law firms compete with one another to rank on the first page for ny divorce attorney”, very few law firms rank at all for those long-tail “content” keywords.

Do you know what this means?

If your firm is one of the few that does, potential clients will find you, visit your website, and often schedule a consultation – days or even weeks before they find your competitors.

This is the secret to making sure your firm gets found first. In a nutshell, this is how we were able to achieve the results you read about above.

What Clients Say About Speakeasy Authority Marketing

Interested in Discovering More?

There is a reason you’re reading this page right now. Perhaps, like Mr. Campbell, you’ve started reading our newsletters and you want to learn more about what do. Or, maybe, you were referred to us by a friend or peer and you came here to do some due diligence.

If you would like to explore how this strategy could help you land more cases, raise your fees, and increase your firm’s revenue, then we recommend that you:

  1. Learn more about the PRIME Marketing Method™
    (When potential clients in your metro/practice area search for an attorney online, this 5-step method ensures that your firm is the one they find first.)
  2. Look at our service summary
    (This page outlines what you can expect when you start working with us, all the services and deliverables you will receive, guarantees, etc.)
  3. Schedule a complimentary strategy session
    (We’ll look at your firm’s website and other marketing materials, and estimate what kind of results you are likely to see after nine months. Approx. 30-60 minutes.)

Get your free Legal Marketing Strategy Session

In This confidential Session You will Learn:

  • Specific tips to market and grow your law firm
  • Marketing mistakes attorneys make and how to avoid them
  • Practical strategies to generate more referrals
  • Ideas for your specific practice areas
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What Clients Say About Speakeasy Authority Marketing

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