Attorney Jason Campbell did everything law school told him to do to get new business – everything he was “supposed” to do. Despite that, almost all the cases went to the “little twerp”.

You know who I’m talking about.

He’s barely out of law school. You were defending clients in court and winning cases while he was still putting together Lego toys and pissing his diapers.

Jason learned through bitter experience that, in this game, the best man does not win. His track record is smoking hot, and he has nearly two decades more experience. Despite that, while the twerp was always in court with a new client, Jason was left sitting by a silent phone alone in his office. He would sit there with his head in his hands, trying to figure out where the next paycheck was coming from.

Burned By The Same Marketing Scam
That Ruined Countless Other Attorneys

When things started looking desperate, Jason took a chance and hired a leading marketing firm that had been pestering him for months. They told him the reason he was struggling to attract clients was because clients were searching for him online but couldn’t find him. They promised him a torrent of new business.

Can You Guess What Happened?

Sure, Jason’s law firm got a beautiful website. It even got some Google traffic. However, the business he was counting on never materialized. After nine months of failure and excuses, he had to fire them.

Things were now worse than ever.

Everything changed though when Jason came in one morning, fired up his computer, and started reading one of our newsletters. Fast-forward several months, and we had taken over the management of his firm’s website and had begun implementing our proprietary “Speakeasy” Client-Attraction Process™.

You’ll discover why this process works so incredibly well in a moment.

First, what you need to understand is that it’s a unique methodology we’ve developed and refined over more than five years of helping 640 solo attorneys and small law firms increase their revenue. This process is responsible for creating transformations like these:

Remember: All that was required from these attorneys was a single one-hour phone call per month. Nothing else. We took care of all the work and heavy lifting.

  • Randolf, an estate planning and bankruptcy attorney in San Diego, California, doubled the number of retained clients he gets each month – and is on track to generate an additional $55,000 this year.
  • Kramer is a criminal defense attorney in Westchester, New York. After seven months of working with us, his firm now generates an additional $79,200 per year in revenue.
  • Katz and Mr. Oltorf run a law firm in North Florida. After just six months, we’ve increased their firm’s revenue by $187,500.
  • Rodriguez is a personal injury lawyer from Dallas, Texas. After twelve months of working with us, his firm makes an additional $45,000 per month in revenue. Also, he recently landed an extraordinary injury case that he expects to bring a windfall of $200,000.

What About Jason Campbell?

After twelve months of working with us, he was able to attribute $148,000 of additional revenue to the changes we made to his website. (We set up lead tracking, so at the click of button he knows where all his firm’s new clients come from and how they found him.)

How We Turned Mr. Campbell’s Firm Around:
The “First Page Of Google” Myth DEBUNKED

It’s important to project a professional brand – but as you probably know, a beautiful website is not enough to attract new clients.

Furthermore, despite what today’s generation of “digital marketers” and SEO experts tell you, getting on the first page of Google for keywords like “criminal defense lawyer NY” is unlikely to get a single new client for your law firm.

(If you want proof, then read our story over here. We had to learn this the hard way.)

Do you want to discover the secret to attracting an abundance of new business? Would you like to know what it takes to win more clients than your firm can currently handle?

Here it is:

You need to rank on the first page of Google for – literally – thousands of keywords. Not just any keywords. We’re talking about special “question” keywords.

(We explain what “question” keywords are and why they are an essential cornerstone of our unique process on this page here. You might want to take a look in a second.)

There’s only one way to rank at the top of Google’s search results for this many keywords:

You need to feed Google’s insatiable hunger for information with a constant supply of fresh, valuable, and high-quality content – the same content your prospective clients are starving for. This means you need to produce dozens of unique articles, blogs, etc. every month. There’s no other way.

Do You Want To Know
Why Nobody Told You This?

Consistently accomplishing this is hard work.

Not only that, but it’s also specialized work. Your run-of-the-mill internet marketing company does not have the in-house expertise to write dozens of legal articles and blogs. You wouldn’t want to put your name to the kind of content they produce, let alone stand behind it with confidence.

That’s why no other law firm marketing company wants to come out and tell you that this is what it takes.

They know that for a busy, stressed-out, and over-stretched attorney who’s already working far too many hours, this isn’t exactly music to your ears. They’d rather you just drank the Kool-Aid.

Thankfully though, we’ve developed a process that takes away 99% of all this hard work. It’s the very system we used with Attorney Campbell and the other attorneys who achieved the results you saw above.

The “Speakeasy” Client-Attraction Process™:

“The easiest and most convenient way to market your law firm,
win new clients, and dramatically increase your revenue…”

Our unique process (proprietary to Speakeasy Marketing, Inc.) generates all the content your website needs from a single one-hour phone call each month.

We’re talking more than 10 blog articles, 20 videos, and more – everything we need to get your law firm ranking high in Google for thousands of search results, and to attract dozens of potential clients to your website who are predisposed to do business with you, because you have educated and persuaded them to call or email you.

(Discover how this process works and why it requires just one hour of your time over here.)

Here are the steps we work through, whenever we take over a new website:

  1. Before we change a single thing, we make a full backup of your website. (That way, if you have second thoughts, we can restore your website to how it was before you started working with us.)
  1. We design your new website (or redesign/modify your existing site to the degree you want it changed.)

This ensures that your website is both: (a) Google-proofed; and (b) compatible with our “Speakeasy” Client-Attraction Process™ – i.e. ready to attract, engage, and convert potential clients.

  1. Every month, we’ll update your website with fresh, valuable, and high-quality content. The first few months are slow while we build momentum. However, by around month four you’ll start seeing regular and steady increases in the number of phone calls and emails from pre-qualified leads.
  1. We’ll give you telephone scripts, meeting plans, and other sales materials have been proven (from being tested and refined with more than 640 attorneys and law practices) to convert leads into paying customers who are happy to pay your what you deserve without price-shopping.

There’s more to our service of course. You might want to read through this page here, as it explains our methodology in great detail and lists all the services and deliverables you can expect.

Satisfaction with results is guaranteed. (More information about this over here.)

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