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Episode 361 – Challenging DUI Case From Beginning to Successful End: New Jersey Defense Attorney Explains

Two encounters with the same police officer in one night, questionable reasonable suspicion and probable cause, a fight for discovery and multiple trips to court over more than a year’s time, an unbudging prosecutor … These are just a few of the interesting elements of a recent case handled by New Jersey DUI/DWI attorney Kevin …

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Episode 360 – From Potential to Paying Clients: The Key is to Follow Up – Even on Your Follow-Ups

Most attorneys who aren’t hired right after an initial consultation will just count their losses and move on. If Richard Jacobs had done that, Speakeasy Marketing simply wouldn’t exist. What do we do that our competitors don’t? We not only understand the value and impact of following up with potential clients, but we also do …

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Episode 359 – Knowing Your Ideal Clients on a Deeper Level, Before You Even Meet Them

Regardless of your practice area, we have the tools to provide you with a clear picture from the inside of your ideal client’s mind. Through our attorney call answering and conversion service, we have taken well over 10,000 calls from potential clients in every practice area, and we’re growing at a pace of about 5,000 …

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Episode 358 – 10,000 Calls and Climbing Quickly: What We’re Learning From Our Call Answering and Conversion Service, and How It Will Benefit You

Having taken well over 10,000 calls from potential clients in every practice area, our call answering and conversion service is doing something else critically important: using these calls as information mines by carefully analyzing client behaviors, desires, questions, and needs. Why? Because knowing how your potential clients think and feel enables us to guide your marketing …

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Episode 357 – Money Talks: Does a Call Conversion Service Make Financial Sense For You?

What’s the average fee you collect for an average case? How many valid potential new clients (PNCs) are calling your firm each month? Of those, how many end up hiring you and paying your retainer fee each month? These three questions can help you determine whether Speakeasy Authority Marketing’s call conversion service makes financial sense for …

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Episode 356 – From Call Answering to Call Conversion: The Key to a Booming Law Firm

Every potential new client (PNC) who calls your firm is dealing with some form of pain, whether emotional, physical, or both – this is irrefutable. As an attorney, it’s your job to find legal solutions for lessening that pain. And as a call conversion service for attorneys, it’s our job to handle every single call to …

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Episode 355 – Golden Tip for Client Conversion Lies in the Golden Arches

What do fast food restaurants have to do with law firms? It’s not churning out as much low-quality product as quickly as possible. But it IS about taking customer orders as soon as possible when there’s a long line. Whether it’s multiple ordering stations along the way, or an employee walking out to your car …

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Episode 354 – For Success, Make a List and Check it Twice

How do highly successful attorneys become – and stay – successful? #1 – Answer every single call right away, or return it within 5 minutes (it might sound impossible, but it’s not!). #2 – Show empathy. #3 – Be honest and accurate, but also be positive. #4 – Ensure all relevant information is gathered from …

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Episode 353 – 3 Steps for Standing Firm in a Sea of Uncertainty

We’re all feeling it: the uncertainty in the world and the fear that comes with it. But instead of throwing your hands up, there are simple and concrete steps that can almost immediately improve your situation. #1- Find a point of differentiation. There are several ways to do this depending on your practice area(s). #2- …

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Episode 352 – Anticipating and Adapting to Changes: Practice Area #5 — Bankruptcy

Is another recession imminent? Many economists are saying “Yes.” It might be impossible to avoid at this point, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways for you to plan and prepare for it—and help your clients at the same time. As a bankruptcy attorney, you might be accustomed to handling personal bankruptcies only, but in …

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