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Episode 324 – How to OWN your legal niche

You’ve defined your authority, and you’ve asserted it in your first book; now what? Step 3 of 7 in building your authority snowball, which is to do one more 90-minute interview, and get two more books out of it. With a suite of three books, you’ll have an established book “series”—something that will set you …

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Episode 323 – The Most Powerful Marketing Medium for Attorneys (Based on Results of 800+ Clients)

When told they should “write a book to get more clients,” most attorneys don’t listen; they think it’ll take too long, require too much effort, and not even be effective. …And if they were to go the typical route of authoring a book, they might be right, but not if they use the Speak-a-BookTM method. …

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Episode 322 -Your Declaration of Authority

What does your ideal client avatar look like? Figuring that out might take a little bit of work on your end, but I bet you can say without hesitation that it’s someone who is willing and able to follow your advice, and affluent enough to pay you what you’re worth. These are the types of …

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Episode 321 – A Major Google Update Is Just Around the Corner

A major Google update called Core Web Vitals is set to be fully rolled out by May of 2021. There are four main elements of this update, each of which aims to provide users with fast, easy-to-navigate websites and an overall positive experience. That’s what you want for your clients too, of course, but how …

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Episode 320 – Growing Your Practice with the Ghosts of Clients Past, Present, and Future

How can you examine the ghosts of your clients, whether past, present, or future? First, examine the current economic and social climate, and consider how it’s affecting your practice area. For instance, when it comes to family law, a lot of alimony and child support agreements are being modified as a result of economic uncertainty; …

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Episode 319 – Google Screened Ads: A Deal With the Devil?

A new ad format called Google Screened has been in the works for some time now, but is it worth it? What are the pros and cons? What are you really getting with this service, and perhaps more importantly, what are you risking? A Google Screened ad is pretty basic: it’ll contain the number of …

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