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Episode 254 – Jason Brown – President And CEO at IQualify Lending – Upfront Payment, Means Taking on More Clients.

Attorneys are leaving money on the table every single day, simply by letting potential clients go who cannot afford to pay. We get it. You need reliable revenue coming in. You can’t afford to take an I.O.U. Who could? In this interview Jason Brown, of IQualify Lending, breaks down the program they have developed that …

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Episode 253 – Justin Croxton – Director of Sales – Geofencing is Taking Audience Targeting to the Next Level

Propellant Media, a digital marketing and media solutions provider, is helping clients maximize lead potential with the newest wave of target marketing – geofencing. Geofencing, or location based advertising, allows users to pinpoint target audiences based on precise locations. Sounds invasive? Think again. Justin Croxton, Director of Sales at Propellant Media, explains why this is …

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Episode 252 – Monica Shah Helping you to Create Better Marketing Plans

Monica Shah, the Marketing Mastermind behind Revenue Breakthrough, who can convert all your marketing Problems into Profitable Solutions, is on today’s podcast. She talks about her bad experiences in marketing that she went through so you don’t have to. Learn to Retain your customers rather than spend money and time on attaining new ones. So …

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Episode 251 – Digital Marketing Done Right; Converting Visitors into Leads with Chris Dayley

Chris Dayley, the Digital Marketing Entrepreneur talks about how he started his Digital Marketing Journey starting from simple SEO to managing his own Agency (Dayley Conversions) with Disruptive Advertising. With his unique knowledge and expertise, he can save you expending huge sums of money on website overhauling. He focuses on converting visitors into leads, rather …

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Episode 250 – How To Raise Your Firm’s Rates Without Losing Clients

Intro: Master Sales Strategist and award-winning business coach, Shameca Tankerson, shares powerful tips on how to realize your worth and ask for it. Many attorneys aren’t sure how to raise rates without losing current and prospective clients. In this podcast Tankerson let’s you in on her proven ways to successfully do just that. Background/Bio: Shameca …

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Episode 249 – Law You Should Know Podcast–Guest Richard Jacobs, Founder of Speakeasy Marketing Inc–Secrets of attorney marketing

No matter your practice area, client base, or location, there are secrets and tips for attorney marketing that can help small and boutique law firms attract and retrain clients. The most important thing that you need to do is de-commoditize yourself. When you’re just one entry in a list of attorneys, and potential clients are …

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Episode 248 – Bitcoin and Blockchain – A New Practice Area Opportunity for Lawyers?

Many attorneys may not be aware of a new practice area that is increasingly becoming more important, and that is the legal side of the new Bitcoin/blockchain technology space. Bitcoin, a digital currency created in 2009, and blockchain, its underlying technology protocol, is affecting the storage and transmission of data in many industries, including medical, …

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Episode 247 – Disruptive Advertising – Helping Your Law Firm Achieve Profitability With Online Advertising

CEO of Disruptive Advertising, Jacob Baadsgaard, joins us for an in depth discussion on how his company is helping law firms advertise and market themselves profitably and efficiently on Google and Facebook by leveraging their software and team of marketers. Bio: Jacob’s background as a senior consultant at Omniture/Adobe is where he learned the power …

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Episode 246 – Getting Reviews Made Easy For Your Law Firm

No one can deny the importance of reviews and they have become super important for law firms especially. A lot of the people choose an attorney solely based on the positive reviews. In this podcast below I have shared the number one technique that we’re using to get reviews for our attorney clients on places …

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Episode 245 – Is Your Law Firm Site Secure?

If your law firm site is not secure and doesn’t have the SSL Certificate, then be prepared to get hit by the Mighty Google again. Getting the SSL Certificate isn’t a big deal, we can help you make your site secure and Google Compliant. Listen to the podcast and get connected with us for more …

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