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Episode 354 – For Success, Make a List and Check it Twice

How do highly successful attorneys become – and stay – successful? #1 – Answer every single call right away, or return it within 5 minutes (it might sound impossible, but it’s not!). #2 – Show empathy. #3 – Be honest and accurate, but also be positive. #4 – Ensure all relevant information is gathered from …

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Episode 353 – 3 Steps for Standing Firm in a Sea of Uncertainty

We’re all feeling it: the uncertainty in the world and the fear that comes with it. But instead of throwing your hands up, there are simple and concrete steps that can almost immediately improve your situation. #1- Find a point of differentiation. There are several ways to do this depending on your practice area(s). #2- …

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Episode 352 – Anticipating and Adapting to Changes: Practice Area #5 — Bankruptcy

Is another recession imminent? Many economists are saying “Yes.” It might be impossible to avoid at this point, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways for you to plan and prepare for it—and help your clients at the same time. As a bankruptcy attorney, you might be accustomed to handling personal bankruptcies only, but in …

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Episode 351 – Anticipating and Adapting to Changes: Practice Area #4 — Family Law

Past, present, and future: no matter where your family law clients are, it could be worth it to see how they are. In light of current inflation, does their spousal or child support arrangement need to be increased or decreased? Have new disagreements in the family come up? Could they benefit from the fast, cheap, …

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Episode 350 – Anticipating and Adapting to Changes: Practice Area #3 – Estate Planning

It’s old news that any change in family dynamics or finances warrants a review of the current estate plan. But over the last couple of years, almost everyone has experienced at least one change that will impact their financial picture and future as a whole, and that’s new. Now more than ever, people are in …

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Episode 349 – Anticipating And Adapting To Changes: Practice Area #2 – Criminal Law

When the price of gas increases, so too does the price of almost everything else. Inflation is happening on a global scale with far-reaching consequences, some of which are impacting the world of criminal law. As a criminal defense lawyer, what can you do to support your clients during this time? It starts with an understanding …

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Episode 348 – Anticipating and Adapting to Changes: Practice Area #1 — Personal Injury (Auto Accidents)

What does the situation with Ukraine, Russia, and the US have to do with auto accidents? More than you might think: skyrocketing new and used car prices, gas prices, insurance premiums, auto part shortages, and higher medical insurance premiums. In general, people are being squeezed for money from all directions, which could make them more …

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Episode 347 – Stay Calm and Prepare for Coming Changes in Your Practice Area

A lot’s happened in the world over the past two years, and things continue to change at a rapid pace. We’ve all been squeezed financially, and current inflation resulting from the dynamic between the US, Russia, and Ukraine is only making things worse. It might be easy to bury your head in the sand, cross …

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Episode 346 – HELP Before You’re Hired—You’ll Be Hired a Lot More Often

Having generated over 100,000 leads in 17 practice areas, we’ve learned a few things about what clients need. And with the recent launch of Speakeasy Marketing’s Attorney Answering Service, we’re learning even more. Richard Jacobs breaks it down in today’s short episode, using three common practice areas as examples of how to help potential clients …

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Episode 345 – The Golden Hour Rule and Other Crucial Data Every Attorney Should Know

78% of customers will buy from—or retain or hire—the FIRST business that responds to them. And if you respond to a potential client within one hour—the “Golden Hour”—of the potential client’s first contact, you’re 7x more likely to convert them to a paying client. Only 7% of attorneys respond to potential client contacts within 5 …

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