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Episode 312 – You Have a Lot to Say

…And people want to hear it, whether or not you think they do. Richard Jacobs’s thoughts, writings, and spoken word have helped many people over the years; he knows this because they reach out to him with positive responses and thank yous…whether it’s a thank you for providing an insight, encouraging a new outlook, or …

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Episode 311 – Texting Tactics in the Time of COVID-19

“In times like these, you need to communicate with people in as visceral a way as possible,” says Jacobs, acknowledging also that in times like these, it’s particularly difficult to do that. If in-person meetings haven’t completely stopped where you practice, they’ve at least been limited. There’s no doubt that this could negatively impact your …

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Episode 310 – Pandemic Productivity Tips with Jennifer Gersch

Feeling overwhelmed and less than productive in your at-home office? This high-energy podcast might have the solution you are looking for. In this show, Tracy interviews Jennifer Gersch, a partner at Nicol, Gersch, and Peterson in Colorado, about working remotely from home with spark and style. She begins setting the scene by returning to when …

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