Shotgun The Buzzards
Circling Your Law Practice

Discover The Truth
About Attorney Marketing & Arm Yourself with
7 Marketing Vulture Killers:

  • Becoming Marketing-Savvy Can 3x Your Income. Being a Good Lawyer won’t.
  • How Birds of Prey Use Smoke & Mirrors to Peck Clean Your Bank Account, and Deliver Bird Poop, Not Real Results.
  • How Marketing Buzzards Hold Attorneys Hostage and What To Do About It.
  • Why Getting On The 1st Page of Google Is a Meaningless Waste Of Time.
  • Why Google Pay Per Click (PPC) can Empty Your wallet Faster Than Any Strip Club Could.
  • The 17 Surprising Ways To Make Competing Attorneys So Envious & Jealous, they’ll Corner You Outside the Courtoom And Demand To Know How You’re Doing It.
  • Why Tracking Each and Every Marketing Channel Can Boost Profits 37% or More.

Richard Jacobs
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Law School Dares Not Teach ”
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