Tyler Randolph, Esq.

SEO Client

(Richmond Hill, GA)

Family Law, Criminal Law

“Friendly, easy to reach and contact, very responsive”

SpeakEasy has been a pleasure to work with since I signed up with them many months ago. They have an approach to marketing that is user friendly and promotes long term growth in marketing reach, not just short term. They are friendly, easy to reach and contact, very responsive. While the results are, again, not immediate, I am now seeing unprecedented results, so much in fact that we are having to turn people away at times.

Nicholas Gebelt, Esq.

SEO Client

(Whittier, CA)

Bankruptcy, Tax Debt Relief

“SpeakEasy Handles My Marketing & I Practice Law. It’s a smooth experience”

Herman Jimerson, Esq.

SEO Client

(ST. Louis, MO)

Criminal Defense, DUI Defense

“SpeakEasy Understood My Frustration & Knew The Medicine I Needed Was Honesty”

I just wanted to take a moment out and thank you for your marketing services. I was extremely fortunate to be matched with Mr. Parke Parker. Parke has understood my every concern and addressed them in a manner that is the measure of a consummate professional. When I first spoke with Parke, I expressed to him the “trauma” I had gone through with lawyer marketing. I termed it PTSD because it had that effect on me whenever I heard anyone speak of “making my law office make more money.” Don’t get me wrong, I admire the business concept and making money is the way to demonstrate success. But these people lied, created “crappy” websites, and really didn’t know much more than me about marketing. They used code words like S.E.O. and front page Google while all along misleading the people that didn’t need misleading. They were hurting the industry.

I read your book a couple of time and everything I could about you on the internet. I needed something and needed something in the worst way because my efforts were not working up to my expectation. You know that low-sinking feeling of despair and even potential hopelessness. Then I spoke with Gus Kowalski, then to my “Main Man” Parke. They knew my frustration and the medicine I needed. That medicine was honesty and honesty in expectation rightfully applied. I signed on. Parke knew that I would be looking at every move and every promise delayed. He has been there literally 24/7 for me. Sometimes I receive his emails in the wee hours of the mornings. Pure dedication and understanding he gives to the job. But it goes beyond that. Parke wants to help lawyers succeed at doing what they do best-serving people. I’m blessed to have been matched up with him. Mr. Jacobs, I can honestly say that you are blessed as well to have someone such as Parke in your business representing you in the highest manner. I can talk on, but you get my drift. I’m loving my “Main Man” Mr. Parke Parker. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. By posting Speakeasy Authority Marketing Review, I want other struggling fellows to take advantage in their professional capacity. Take care.

Gary L. Medlin, ESQ.

SEO Client

(Fort Worth, TX)

Airport Crimes, Assault

“While working with Speakeasy, our firm has experienced an incredible growth over last four years”

Derek R. Ewin, Esq.

SEO Client

(Walnut Creek, CA)

DUI Defense, Felony Crime

“My total business income increased by approximately $40,000”

I have been using Speakeasy for approximately one year. In that time period, my total business income increased by approximately $40,000. In that same time period, I also generated enough calls that I was able to limit the cases I took to those in local counties, decreasing my time traveling to and from court. I am very satisfied with their services.

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