Domain Management Sharing

Please see the following instructions to share the delegate access to the Google Domain account.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Select the name of your domain.

Step 3:

Click Registration settings.

Registration Settings

Step 4:

Under “Domain permissions,” click Add user.
Add the email address to share the domain and click Add.

Domain Permission


You can give other people the ability to manage your domain. Each new person has full access to:

  • Manage Registration: Renew, add years of registration, cancel or start auto-renew, delete the domain, and add or delete people.
  • Manage Web Presence: Manage settings for any websites, extra email addresses, or Google Workspace accounts.
  • Manage DNS Settings: Add, edit, and delete any resource records or name servers, and turn DNS security extensions on or off.


  • When you share a domain, it doesn’t change the ownership of the domain.
  • You can’t restrict a person’s permissions to specific functions. Each person has full admin access to the domain.