In order to share access with another Namecheap user, do the following:

Domain List


3. Choose the Sharing & Transfer tab from the top menu and find the Share Access section. Simply input the new manager’s email address or Namecheap username into the New Manager field and click Add:

Giving your manager access to make changes on your behalf can save you time, but keep in mind that for security reasons, it is not reasonable to share access to all the settings.

Enter your account password in the appropriate field to confirm that you wish to share access to these settings with your new domain manager.

Otherwise, an email invitation to become a manager of a domain will be sent to the email address associated with the destination Namecheap account. Only after the user clicks the confirmation link in that email, he/she will be able to access a domain.

Keep in mind that the new manager has to be logged into their account before clicking on the confirmation link.

The option To become manager of domains owned by others can be found in Profile > Security > Recovery & Alerts > Incoming Invitations > Edit:

NOTE: There is no option to grant the modification rights for the domains in bulk at this time.
If you need to cancel a pending managers invitation, you can do it as follows:

1. In the “Sharing&Transfer” tab, find the “Share Access” section.

2. Click on “Manage” next to Domain Manager and choose Cancel (to cancel the invitation):