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Do you only work with DUI lawyers?

Despite using examples involving attorneys who practice in the area of DUI law, we have helped our attorney clients create books on family law, personal injury, auto accidents, immigration law, workers’ compensation, and much more. Our law firm marketing company has created over 180 books for attorney marketing in the US, covering at least 17 different topics. It does not matter what area of law you practice in or even if you practice law at all; we have published books for doctors and dentists about pain management, stem cells, and all types of other topics. However, 95% of the books we have published have been for attorneys.


How much content can you create in only 90 minutes?

Our law firm marketing company has found that 90 minutes is the perfect amount of time to create a 60-80-page book for attorney marketing in the US. We consider this the ideal length because it is long enough to be a book but thin enough to not be intimidating or expensive to ship. It can typically be consumed in 1 hour and is also the ideal length to utilize SEO for lawyers on your website.


My clients aren’t necessarily readers. Will a book work for them? Is anyone going to actually read the entire thing?

We recommend the following example script for your office to use with potential clients who call:

“I am going to transfer you to our attorney but before I do, just to let you know, she has recently written a book on divorce matters in Florida. It is a great read and it is quite short. It is available on Amazon right now for $19 but she has asked us to offer a complimentary copy to anyone who calls the office and needs information on a pending divorce. I can send it to you now via email and then we can also get a copy out in the mail to you right away.”

The potential client will perceive the book as a gift. Even clients who do not read the book tell our attorneys that they were thinking about hiring someone else, but when they saw the book or thought about the book, they decided to hire the attorney anyway. The act of being offered a book has a tremendous impact on a potential client.


If the interview takes 90 minutes, why is the attorney required to spend 3 hours in total?

The interview takes 90 minutes but once we finish the first draft, you will want to look at it and make a few edits. That will take typically approximately an hour of your time.


I already tend to convert almost every client that comes into my office. How can publishing a book help my practice?

The problem with converting clients in person is that getting a client into the office is never 100% guaranteed. There is a no-show rate on appointments that is as high as 50% in some offices. People are now mobile; they won’t necessarily walk through your door. If you don’t cut down your no-show rate, even if you convert every single person that walks through your door, you are not meeting your potential. A marketing book can eliminate these problems.

The client acquisition process is a funnel. The first point of contact is when the potential client calls and someone in your office answers the phone. If you offer the book, you will actually get more clients, even if they decide to call other attorneys first. You can easily lose people at this critical stage and you may not even realize it.

The next point of contact is the appointment stage. Even if you are good enough to get a potential client into your office for an appointment, you don’t necessarily close right then. The truth is, no one wants to hire a lawyer. They are calling your office because they are getting a divorce or there was a death in the family, or some other horrible event has taken place.

The decision to hire a lawyer is fraught with emotion and fear. That is why having a marketing book is so helpful. Within the client acquisition process, you may not even realize that you have all of these stages where you are losing people along the way. The book helps to patch the holes and can make you a lot of money, especially when posted online and taking advantage of SEO for lawyers.


$5,995 for a book seems like it may or may not be worth it. How do you justify this price?

What is the value of even a low-end case for you? If you are a family law attorney, it could be $4,000-$6,000. If you are a DUI attorney, it is probably $2,500 – $4,500. Personal injury attorneys generally won’t touch a case for under $15,000 on a one-third split. If your book lands you two new cases over the course of your entire career, it has likely paid for itself. Once you have published your book, go ahead and raise your fees, even 5 or 10%.

In Attorney David Katz’s testimonial, he mentioned he saw a six to one return after publishing his book. You must consistently use your book, however. You can’t let it sit in the corner gathering dust and expect it to make you money. You have to mention it to every potential client you speak to.

Through our law firm marketing company, Speakeasy Authority Marketing, I’ve sold $1,000 worth of my books on Amazon. BUT… I have given away several thousand copies of my book over the years and it has made far more money that way. I am living proof that it works. If you publish a book and use it for marketing and SEO for lawyers, you will be far better off. You will have less no-shows and have more clients coming back to you. Your book will make you far more money than what it costs.


The laws in my area are changing. How can I address that in my book?

Unless there is a radical or a complete overhaul to the law, which rarely happens, you can add an insert to your book and then you can eventually release a second edition. Several of our law firm marketing company’s clients have come back and published second editions years later. I have not heard of a single scenario where a book was inaccurate and an attorney could not use it anymore.


My clients tend to be very tech-savvy and sophisticated. How can I get them to read a book?

Now that everything is online, the physical is prized a lot more than it used to be. Direct mail and physical books are having a much greater effect now because all those channels are less crowded. This is one of the reasons marketing books work better now than in the past. According to Amazon, people now tend to buy books physically and also read them on Kindle at the same time. Don’t believe the hype that everything is online now. Physical marketing books work really well and can cut down on the thousands of emails that you would otherwise send.

If you want to incorporate your book into social media, you can do that. Mention your offer for your free book on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and utilize SEO for lawyers. That will be much more likely to get you clients than a typical ad, which has you standing in front of law books with your arms folded, looking stern. Instead, you are going to look very different from everyone else and you have a much better chance of getting more business.


We have three partners in our law firm. Should we put the book in all of our names, the firm’s name, or just one attorney’s name?

Once the book is written, it can be published under each name using separate covers and titles, as long as each person has contributed to it. The most important thing that you want to put across is that the book was written by a person, not by a firm. Potential clients are not hiring your law firm; they are hiring you and your personality, based on their interactions with you. They want to hire the best and that is you, so your book should come from you.


How will having a book allow me to raise my fees when my clients already struggle to pay?

Always talk about your book. Have everyone in your office talk about it and offer it to your potential clients when they get on the phone with you. Generally, the potential client will appreciate it. Even if he or she declines the book, there will be much less price resistance. When shopping elsewhere, the potential client is going to hear the same marketing approaches, again and again. You will be just like all the other attorneys, unless you talk about this book and make yourself stand out.

Our attorney marketing company’s clients tell us that they can hear the difference in a client’s voice and that they get badgered far less for payment plans because the person who walks in knows that this attorney is an authority. There is no talk of discounts or payment plans. That is how your book will help you to charge more without having to fight tooth and nail. Get it done now. Get it out there. Get more clients. Make more money in 2020 and get out of the inferior position of begging for clients and living off of payment plans. It is time to speak your book!

About Richard Jacobs

My name is Richard Jacobs, and I’ve discovered quite a bit about the plight of solo practitioners and small, 2-5 attorney firms like yours these past 13 years.

I’ve come to understand the unique challenges in marketing ethically and effectively that attorneys face because I have:

  • Helped over 180 attorneys author their own practice area book and become the ‘implied expert’ in their practice area
  • Helped hundreds of attorneys successfully navigate Google’s search algorithm changes, growing their websites from 2 potential clients calling a month to 4+ calls per DAY for some clients.
  • Interviewed and promoted over 507 attorneys nationwide, in practice areas such as:
  • DUI / DWI
  • Family Law
  • Criminal Defense
  • Bankruptcy
  • Auto Accidents
  • Social Security Disability
  • Slip & Falls (Premises Liability)
  • Real Estate
  • Estate Planning / Probate
  • Wage and Hour Claims
  • Expungements / Post Conviction Relief

Before you decide to invest in your marketing, it makes sense to first request your complimentary, custom, no obligation video website review.

Richard is the author of 6 books published on Amazon, Kindle and

Richard is available for speaking engagements on direct marketing for attorneys and has recently spoken at the following legal conferences:

  • PILMMA (Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing & Management Association)
  • Las Vegas DUI Summit – Private event for DUI attorneys
  • New York Boutique Lawyers Association
  • Perry Marshall & Associates Marketing Academy (Marina Del Rey, CA)
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL)
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