Making Direct Mail Work Profitably

Here’s what attorneys tell me about direct mail:

  • “It doesn’t work. We tried it before.”
  • “There’s too much competition. No one reads all those letters. 50 Attorneys in my city do this stuff.”
  • “There’s lots of restrictions on direct mail from our state / local Bar Association”
  • “It’s unprofessional to send mail. My clients are different. They’re sophisticated, not poor schmucks.

My attorney friend in Los Angeles sent me the direct mail from 94 different lawyers.

94 law firms mailing to the same person.

Think that’s competition? Oh yeah.

  • I studied it to find what works and what doesn’t.
  • What lawyers are saying, what they’re missing.
  • Who’s sending letters, magazines, CDs or postcards.
  • How often are lawyers mailing to the same person.

Everyone’s pretty much in the same boat, marketing the same way to the same people.

I then started innovating with several attorneys who trusted me to work on their direct mail pieces.

I wrote custom letters – 3 different versions. We sent the letters to the state bar to ensure compliance, then we split tested to see which letters pulled the best.

I then set up campaigns to mail 3, not just 1 letter to prospective clients. Yes, it costs more, but it can be massively more effective – pays for itself 3x over.

I’ve learned about 3D mail – sending different objects through the mail instead of just an envelope – did you know you can ship lumpy objects in the mail? Some of the stuff you can send you can’t even imagine.

In short, there are at LEAST 5 more ways to slice and dice your direct mail campaigns to increase their effectiveness 20, 30, 50, even 150%.

Don’t be like every other naysayer. Direct mail is incredibly powerful. It works.

Call Richard Jacobs today to learn how direct mail tweaks and turn a loser into a profit center for your law practice.

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