Episode 195 – Client Killing Things Law Firms Say

Episode 195 – Client Killing Things Law Firms Say

The worst thing that you might do to a potential client is redirecting them to this or that part of your site so they get an answer they’re looking for. That’s the death of your business and there is no joke in it.

Internet is one place you can get lost in even at the expense of your own money and time. So when your potentials get on a call with you (and believe me, that’s one big effort on their part), telling them to visit your site is like slapping your door shut right in their faces and bam…they’re gone forever!

What you should do instead is what I’ve shared in this podcast. Listen, subscribe, share and review the podcast.


Today I’m going to give you a real simple concept. There are few words that you can say, that a lot of businesses say, that will absolutely kill your business and I’m not exaggerating here. Very simple stuff and the reason why, I’ll go into when I tell you what it is. The simple words are , without further ado, go check out our website or it’s on the website or go to the website. Why are these words such killers? Isn’t everything on the web these days? Don’t people use the web for everything? Yes, they do but the real magic in getting new clients that will pay you good money is to take them off the internet and on to the phone.

If someone is asking you or your staff a legal question or that kind of thing, the worst thing that you can do is turn them back into the busy bazaar of the internet where competition is a click or a touch away. Competition is often on the same screen they are looking at. So just Google search results, 4, 5, 6 or 8 competitors. Why would you ever send them back to that environment where they can be lured away at a moment’s notice? Or they get horribly distracted by Facebook, email, phone calls, tweets, texts and all kinds of stuff. So you never ever, if possible once you get someone on the phone or in a quiet medium or in person send them back to the internet. It is death and you will lose that potential client.

If you look at a lot of the businesses, you’ll call them up and again, you are a live person on the phone. They will say, Oh that information is on our website. Go to our website. Why can’t you answer it over the phone? Yes, it will take a few more seconds or it will take your staff members maybe 2 more minutes to answer those questions. Well now you have a chance to make a bond with a person whose voice at least in person is better. You always want people to come into your office to do an in office consult because then you know that you’ve got them but phone is a pretty good proxy for it. Far better than text, far better than WhatsApp or looking at a website or all of those things.

These people have to make an effort to go and do that even though a small effort, believe me, the effort between one click and two clicks versus three is a huge difference. The effort between just getting a question answered on the phone and speaking to a live person versus them having to go to the internet and look stuff up, again huge difference. So you want to avoid this at all costs. This is an absolute deal and client killer. Don’t do it. Train your staff to answer stuff on your phone and not to push away customers. I promise you this will help your business big time.

This is Richard Jacobs with Speakeasy Authority Marketing. If you need help implementing this in your law practice, SEO, newsletters to past clients, anything to help grow it, make it better and bigger, more clients, better clients, better quality of clients, call (888) 225-8594  and guess what? We’ll talk to you and send you back to the internet or email Richard.Jacobs@speakeasymarketinginc.com. Thank you.


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