Episode 116 – How Your Admin Staff Can Get You More Clients?

Episode 116 – How Your Admin Staff Can Get You More Clients?

This podcast will reveal how important your admin staff & secretaries are in getting you more clients, turning potential clients into paying clients. Listen to this short audio below where I’ve explained how this is done.


I am going to talk about how you can use your admins, your secretaries, your Of Counsels and anyone in your office that answers your phone to help you retain more clients and to lower price resistance and shopping from potential clients. Now, you wouldn’t expect that these people can help you retain more clients but they can, and here is how. You want to give them a script, by giving them a simple script that helps position you in a more authoritative and preeminent and better light. By the time a potential client gets on the phone with you, which may only be one or two minutes away from when they normally get on the phone with you, you can appear in a much better light to that person and in a much stronger position. So here is how.

Normally when a potential client calls the law office, if the secretary answers, she’ll say, “Law Office of so and so”, and the person calling say, “Oh, I have this issue”, and she’ll say, “All right. Let me find attorney so and so, I’ll transfer you”. That’s it, the attorney gets on the phone and off they go, okay. Here is the better way to do it. Someone calls law office, woman answers or man answers says, “Hi, Law Office of ABC. This is Mike or This is Suzan, how can I help you today?” And the person says, “Oh, I have a — I am considering getting divorced”, or, “My wife wants to divorce me”. So instead of saying, “Oh, let me transfer you”, get some details of the case, “Oh my God, I’m sorry to hear that. That’s terrible. Tell me a little bit about your case. The reason why I ask is that if I can get some details, then I could point you to the right attorney to speak to”, or, “If I get some details, when I transfer you over, the attorney I’m going to have you speak to will be a lot better prepared to help your case”. So, the person gives details, this and that happened, this and that’s going on, now the secretary will say, “Okay. Based on what you told me, I think the best person for you to speak to is Attorney John Smith. Just to let you know, he has a board certification in family law. He’s handled many, many thousands of cases a lot of them are very, very similar to what you’re talking about, very similar circumstances, not same but very similar. He tends to focus on more difficult, higher level cases but he’s had a lot of experience and we’ve had a lot of great results from clients. People seem to really like him and get along with him. I think you’re going to definitely get a lot of good talking to him. So if you hold on a minute, let me get him on the line”, okay.

So by the time you come on the line with a script like that, you’re going to literally hear it in a potential client’s voice that they’re going to have less resistance, they’re going to feel calmer, they’re going to feel better about speaking to you because your admin or your secretary, whoever answers the phone, positioned you as an authority, they positioned you as a nice person or a good person or a good attorney that really knows their stuff, that can help them. And I guarantee you, if you do this, when you get people on the phone, you’re going to hear the difference. And when it comes time to price, when it comes time to asking them to retain you, you need a lot less resistance because they feel honored in some small way to be talking to you. They feel like they’re talking to a really good person. So what else can you say to help position you, some other items in the script.

So you may not have board certification, it may not even exist in your state, fine. You may have handled X hundred or X thousand cases, you may have handled cases just like theirs which the intake person can say. You may have other credentials, you may have been featuring in ABC, NBC, you may have written a book, you may have had an article on the Huffington Post. There are many, many, many credentials that the person answering the phone can give and say to the people calling that will build you up and make you look good. So, this is a short podcast here. Please put this to use, it’s going to help you tremendously, like I said, to retain more. You won’t have to spend anymore in marketing to do it. This works for you right out of the gate. If you want a custom script like this for your law office and for your credentials and for your circumstance, even if you have two, three, four, five, six attorneys and there are more tweaks on how to really build up certain attorneys versus others, let me know. Email me Richard.Jacobs@speakeasymarketinginc.com, or call 888-225-8594.


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