Episode 272 – Secrets of Attorney Marketing – Carrie Chitsey, Co-Founder & CEO of One Touch Video Chat – The Power of Video Chat

Episode 272 – Secrets of Attorney Marketing – Carrie Chitsey, Co-Founder & CEO of One Touch Video Chat – The Power of Video Chat

Carrie Chitsey, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of One Touch Video Chat, provides an overview of her company’s innovative video chat software.

Chitsey and her team are passionate about communication and interaction. The One Touch Video Chat system helps create customer loyalty by creating memorable customer experiences. By strengthening the customer experience and boosting sales through bold communication, their system provides customer satisfaction and convenience and is a driving force in the exciting mobile video chat industry.

Chitsey talks about the formation of her company and her background in technology innovation. She recounts her work with attorneys and her passion for getting attorney firms up to speed on current technologies. She explains that we enjoy and seek out personal connections, and video chat can provide business owners an opportunity to connect face to face through technology, which enhances the user/customer satisfaction experience while increasing efficiency and saving money.

The technology innovator discusses the many outdated methods of ‘getting in touch’ and connecting that are truly relics in today’s technology-oriented business world. From the email contact form to appointment scheduling, etc., many businesses are using outdated methods to connect with customers. Chitsey discusses some of the best practices for utilizing video to enhance their overall business profile. She explains that while video chat is exciting and efficient, you still need to market this service and let your customers know that they can use it. You need to promote it on your social media, blogs, etc. to get the message out. But the bottom line is you need to get these potential customers to the video experience because once you do… the conversion rate is significantly higher. In short, the video connection really brings in new clients and customers in a way that other methods simply do not.

With Chitsey’s One Touch Video Chat you can empower customer connections right from your website. While many potential customers already utilize the ‘text now’ options on websites, to initiate a text chat with a person or a chatbot, imagine how bigger and more impressive the experience would be with actual video chat. Imagine a scalable B2C solution that utilizes far superior technology to create a powerful user/customer experience. That is what Chitsey’s One Touch Video Chat provides, and it’s the reason why video chat is exploding in the B2C support market.

Chitsey discusses some of the particulars regarding how to use One Touch Video Chat, and she expounds upon the various options and packages that consumers can choose from when they make the decision to step forward into current technology connectivity. And in regard to attorney firms, she discusses how video often weeds out the ‘free phone call’ types who really just want to get a bit of free legal advice but aren’t serious about becoming clients.

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