Episode 136 – Tech Guys Who Blow Smoke At Lawyers. Beware Of Scammers!

Episode 136 – Tech Guys Who Blow Smoke At Lawyers. Beware Of Scammers!

Watch out for undesired emails that claim to get your law firm’s site onto the first page of Google. In this episode, I’ve shared some simple indicators to spot these scammers and also highlighted the tricks and tactics they use. Listen to the audio below and avoid getting burned.



Hello, this is Richard Jacobs with Speakeasy Authority Marketing. Today, I want to share with you an interesting email I received from one of my clients, a guy named Mike. So he emails me and says, “Hey Rich, take a look at this ‘Report’ below. I think you’ll get a kick out of it. Mike”. So the report says, “Mike, thank you. Below is the summary of our researching as completed and strategy for your firm acquiring new cases.” I am not making this up; this is the English used in the email. “Problem: There are 481 errors on your website in Google’s eyes. Your site has many spam back link that is hurting your use. Your content isn’t updated frequently and it should be. The content on your site isn’t converting on keywords sufficiently. Solution: We suggest repairing 481 errors, getting good back link and fixing content blog everyday and social media campaigns.” Then it continues, it says, “Expected results: You are expecting 2 to 3 new cases top ranking keywords each month. Our company is focused on that statistics yet bringing in new cases. Every other statistic is just accessory to number of new case acquired. Are you open to discussing this information on Friday or Monday? John Smith, nation’s only search engine certified firm”, with a 800 number.

So, the terrible thing is even though this email is not in proper English, it’s obviously written by someone from a third world country. And even though the statements in it are complete bias, like there are 481 errors on your website. Oh really, what are the errors? Tell me what they are so I could fix them. Well, I told Mike to email these guys back and ask them that and he did, and they said, “Oh, there are many errors that your site is containing. It is very technical for you to understand but we’ll fix them”, anyway, so what these companies do and you may have gotten these reports is they send you something like a fortuneteller would say to you, “Oh, I could see in your life, you have had trouble. You have had good times and bad times. Oh, I can see you have been in love and you will lose love and find love again”, so you cannot refute these statements because they are just bullshit and they are just so nebulous and general that they apply to anybody if they apply at all.

So if you get a report like this, realize what’s going on, okay. People think that because you are an attorney, you know nothing about marketing, and they think that they can snow you with statements like these, which again you’ll be surprised. I get emails from people saying that they have a lot of concern about emails like this. And if you think about it, all you have to do is just use your skills as an attorney. Pretend like someone has brought a case against you and these is the — this is the evidence that they have, okay. Question every fact. Does that make sense what they are saying? Looking at where the hell it was written, looking at the words chosen, is it even in proper English? Does this make sense? So if you get a report like this, just realize that someone’s messing with you and the stuff that they’re sharing is pretty much bias. If it makes no sense, if it just triggers that alarm bell in your head and just puts you in an emotional state and makes you fear, then take five minutes to look at it, show it to somebody or even sit down and use your lawyering skills and say, “If this came up against me in court, what would I do to refute this or to make them substantiate these facts”. Don’t get caught up in this, don’t get yourself yanked around by marketers that just see you as an ATM machine on a payday. So I hope this helps you. If you get a report like this, and you want answers to it and you actually believe it’s a valid report, go ahead and send it to me, Richard.Jacobs@speakeasymarketinginc.com, and I’ll give you my honest answer. I may curse but I’ll give it to you. If you need any other help with your marketing, give us a call at 888-225-8594 and watch out for those guys that are trying to throw tech language at you to snow you. You know better.


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