Episode 196 – Why Authoring A Book Elevates Your Status & Attract Better Clients

Episode 196 – Why Authoring A Book Elevates Your Status & Attract Better Clients

Marketing your law firm in 2017 is expected to become even harder and you should prepare yourself for the tough competition ahead. There are so many marketing techniques out there, some of them work and some don’t.

My strong recommendation is to author a book on your practice area or any legal matter that relates to your practice area.

It will crush your competition, elevate your perceived status and will help you attract better, high paying and quality clients.

We’ve helped nearly 200 attorneys author their own book on almost every practice area like DUI, Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence, Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, Family Law etc. We call this ‘Speak a Book’ process.

I’ve talked about this in detail in this episode, listen to it or download it below to learn more about speak a book process. Make sure to subscribe and review the podcast.


Hello, this is Richard Jacobs with Speakeasy Authority Marketing. We are approaching the end of 2016. We are in December now, 2017 is coming and on the side, I’m working on my second edition of the Secrets of Attorney Marketing Law Schools Dare Not Teach book. Just about done with the editing. Finishing up now. I can tell you that probably the number one thing that’s helped us become successful in helping the lawyers has been the authorship of this book. I haven’t sold any copies. I’ve sold maybe $1000 worth of copies but by giving them away to potential clients of which you may be on, we made quite a bit of money and got new clients and had a lot of success. Again, out of all the marketing we do, this is the number one thing that has gotten us business times a hundred. It’s really fantastic. Guess what?

You can do the same thing for your law practice. Everyone’s got competitors, everyone has price shoppers, everyone is using the internet and Google and it’s a fiercely competitive space with many people shouting from the rooftops. People have reviews, they have websites, they have live chat, they have direct mail, Facebook. I mean all these different ways of marketing. So it’s not easy out there and you want to just be an attorney and worry about that but unfortunately marketing is critical in order to get clients. So what I want to recommend to you is you take a look at the Speak-a-book process, that’s what we call it. Before I explain to you how it works, let me tell you why or what the effect is or what effect will it have on your practice. We’ve done this for well over 170 attorneys and approaching 200.

Done it in all practice areas, Estate planning, family law, intellectual property, Medical Marijuana, DUI, criminal defense, workers comp, any practice area, you name it, immigration, anything. What happens is we help you create a book. The book is 50, 60 pages in length typically, sometimes they are longer. What you can do with this book is that when clients call, potential clients call you, your admins or you can say, “Just to let you know, as we talk about your case, attorney so and so has just written a book recently on that, on auto accidents. It’s on Amazon, usually runs for about $15 but he’s instructed me to let you know that since you are a serious potential client, to give you a complimentary copy. What’s your best email address? What’s your best physical address? We’ll get a copy out to you in the mail right away.”

The typical response of a potential client will be, “Oh thanks! That’s great.” The response in their mind will now be this guy or this woman has written a book. That’s pretty impressive. In the average person’s mind, people that write books are experts and it takes many years to write a book which normally is true. So it makes a serious impression in the mind of a prospect. They see you as more professional, they see you as more pre-eminent and it really puts you in a different playing field than your competitors because very few of your competitors have written books. They may have done them for other lawyers. If you change publishing or places like that but very few attorneys have done one for their potential client in any space.

If you do one, it’s going to help you with your image, it’s going to help attract better clients, more clients and they really elevate your practice. That’s what this whole book process is about. Now let’s talk about how to get it done. Normally what we hear is I wanted to write a book for years but I just don’t have the time so we’ve come up with what we call the Speak –a-book process where we get on the phone with you and we do a 90 minute Q& A interview that gets recorded. We have question banks, so we know typically for almost any practice area, what to ask you. We send you the questions. Do these look good? Anything you want to add or remove or change? Okay, great.

Then we do the phone interview, 90 minutes, get recorded. Then we take that and we edit it, we transcribe it, we put it in book format and we get it finalized with pictures, cover art, all that good stuff and then get it sent back to you. This takes about 3 weeks in total to get it back to you. Then if there is any minor or final edits you want to do, great, you do those. Then we get the book published. We get it on Amazon and Kindle, you get 100 physical copies of the book delivered to you including shipping. You get an image of it to put on the site and a download widget so people that come to your website can download it. You get an emailable version of the book so you can send it out to potential clients through email and physically mail it to them.

You get all of this for an excellent price. Typically, the price it would be to get one client. So the pricing varies a little bit but it’s priced so that you get one client ever in your entire career until you retire, this speak a book process pays for itself. That’s pretty great. That’s a pretty low threshold to make money on this and we’ve got plenty of clients and plenty of people that’ve got the book done. When they use it in their marketing, they are getting within the first five or six months, they are getting 4, 5 or 6 times return on their money. Some people have gotten higher than that. The ones that actually use it to promote themselves. So it’s a great investment. It’s a great thing that you should look into and talk to us about.

To do so, call (888) 225-8594 or email Richard.Jacobs@speakeasymarketinginc.com and mention in the subject line, Speak-a-book. That’s what we call it. I will be glad to answer all of your questions and get this implemented for you but it’s a big deal and it’ll take you to the next level and it’ll get you quite a few clients in 2017. Thank you.


Richard Jacobs

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