Episode 207 – Yellow Pages Still Working For Lawyers

Episode 207 – Yellow Pages Still Working For Lawyers

Yellow pages can still be used to get clients in 2017 and it is super cheap to advertise. But to get the most out of yellow pages there are a few tricks that I’ve shared in my latest podcast. Listen to it below, it will definitely help you. Make sure to subscribe, share and review the podcast.


Hello, this is Richard Jacobs with Speakeasy Authority Marketing. Today I’ve got a strange podcast for you. I’m going to talk about the Yellow pages and how it can still be used effectively right here in 2017 to get clients. It’s not what you would expect. It’s no longer the main source of clients at all. It doesn’t matter what your practice area is for there are still people that read Yellow Pages. One you may not expect is people in jail. So if you do criminal defense, DUI, even divorce, you know family law type stuff, domestic violence, emergency removals, those kinds of things. Sometimes the Yellow pages is the only thing people have in jail to be able to get information about a lawyer. There may be pages torn out of the Yellow Pages that are laminated but depending on the jail, they are definitely there.

So if you have those types of clients, advertising in the Yellow Pages has gotten a lot cheaper because they are desperate. They are dying and you can get a lot of coverage both physical and online. So for those kinds of clients it is good. If you do estate planning or if you deal with high net worth individuals, those people, affluent people tend to eschew older. The older people have the money especially baby boomers and based on traditional media like newspaper, Yellow Pages, things like that. So if you want to apply to an older demographic, do it cheaply and effectively. Yellow Pages is still very viable and you’d be shocked at how much cheaper and easier it is to do so. Yellow Pages is not the juggernaut they once were.

They are not able to force and then enforce multiyear contracts and you can even advertise out of category. Let’s say you are an injury attorney, you don’t have to just advertise in the attorney category. You can advertise in the back pain area or the pain doctor area or the charming areas of the Yellow Pages. That gives you some additional coverage. These are my ideas about the Yellow Pages. I do have clients that are using them successfully and getting a good ROI. So you may be surprised. One last thing I’ll talk about with the Yellow Pages is even if they break even for you, they can help add to your list of past clients and you can get reviews from these people, that you did a great job for them. They tend to have the ability to pay more because they usually eschew older and you can build your referral list.

If you do a monthly newsletter to past clients, this can help you get more clients and help you build your list faster. So these are all the unorthodox uses of it but definitely it’s a great media to look at. It’s not cluttered at all anymore. So unorthodox as it is, I suggest you look into it. This is Richard Jacobs with Speakeasy Authority Marketing. If you need help in getting this going for your firm, if you are still using the Yellow Pages and you want to make your ads better, then we can help you with that. Call (888) 225-8594 or email rj@speakeasymarketingnc.com.


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