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Episode 341 – The Power of Proper Positioning – Put Yourself Above Your Competitors

In order to successfully sell to attorneys and actually help them, Richard Jacobs not only had to become a professional in the field, but position himself as such in the eyes of every potential attorney client. Over the past 12 years, he’s helped deliver well over 100,000 leads for more than 1,100 attorneys across 17 …

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Episode 340 – From Zero to Ten: The Key to Client Conversion

Zero…two…ten… How many potential clients would you like to convert this month? How much money can you afford to lose by trying, but ultimately failing? Far too many attorneys still believe that converting clients is a matter of luck. Richard Jacobs would beg to differ, and he’s got an impressive amount of experience and success …

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Episode 339 – Missed Call, Major Missed Opportunity

If snagging the best case of your year were as simple as answering a phone call, would you want to miss it? Would you want a subpar answering service to drive high-value clients into the arms of your competitors? Probably not, but you may already be letting this happen. Out of hundreds of law firms, …

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Episode 338 – Strategies to Significantly Save on Taxes—TaxVantage Consulting

When Wes Matejka entered the world of tax consulting, he had already spent 30 years listening to business owners talk about the challenges they face as a result of regulation and taxation—challenges making it difficult to even run their business, employ people, and contribute to the community. This compelled Matejka to start researching taxation and …

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Episode 337 – A Fruitful Financial Future: It’s Easier to Achieve Than You Think

Money problems. Do you have them? If so, you’re not alone—so do many others, especially right now. But a revolutionary new concept could provide relief. Press play to learn: Why the “right” way to do financial planning may be wrong The biggest hurdles currently facing small businesses Why it’s not necessarily a good idea to …

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Episode 336 – Cyber-Attacks From Every Angle: How to Protect Your Company

Access denied. Access denied to every single client file. Confusion and panic set in. Why would this happen to me? All too often, this is the experience of a small or medium-sized business owner. In fact, several attorney clients of Speakeasy Authority Marketing, Inc. have been hacked in serious and detrimental ways. Learn how to protect …

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Episode 335 – Build, Promote, and Solidify: Three Steps to Online Authority, Greater Profits with Dayana Mayfield

Want nonstop, free traffic to your website? Traffic that generates quality leads, and raises revenue beyond expectation? Pitch & Profit could make it happen for you. Tune in to learn: How often to update SEO and PR programs to maintain ranking Why digital PR is ideal for link building, and how it works Why ‘purposeless …

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Episode 334 – You Need to Read This–Fueling the First Five Words

The above title does it literally…It uses five words to convey one simple message: you have something to say (or sell) that the audience needs to read (or buy). Fueling the first five words of anything you write or say with something powerful and attention-grabbing is critical to getting your audience to continue consuming what …

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Episode 333 – A Deep Analysis of Your Lead Sources is Critical

Do you feel like your lead sources aren’t any good? Do you feel like you’re paying too much? Well, then you need to dig a little deeper and push the feelings aside. Focus on quantitative data instead. Which practice areas or sub-areas are your leads coming from? In each of those areas, what is your …

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Episode 332 – Meet Your Potential Clients Where They Are: Lessons From the Golf Course

The odds of making a hole in one are 12,500 to 1. Would you bet on those odds when it comes to the success of your practice? When marketing for new clients, relying on one marketing source and hoping that’s all you’ll need is like taking these chances…which means you’re not likely to succeed. In …

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