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Episode 54 [General] How To Multiply Yourself To Reach More Clients?

Want to know how to multiply yourself to reach more and more clients? At Speakeasy Authority Marketing we write one email and send it to hundreds of different attorneys over time, this is what we call multiplying yourself. It is important to know about different ways of multiplying yourself and multiplying your client contact like …

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Episode 53 [General] Does A Marketing Budget For Law Firms Even Make Sense?

I have discussed in detail about the Advertising Budget Formula with the help of numerous examples and why keeping the track of your budget and not forgetting about it is important for attorneys. In fact, you must keep a track of your budget instead of just going on with the same plan on the basis …

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Episode 52 [Attorney SEO] A Fresh Perspective On The First Page Of Google For Attorneys

‘Why ranking on Google’s first page does not guarantee success’. I have proved this idea by giving personal example of how it did not help me achieve success and how I was forgoing on so many other opportunities to excel. It is been explained in detail that getting on first page of Google for a …

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Episode 51 [General] How To Get Clients In A Specific City Using A Second Address

Find out how website’s address affects Google searches and how Google does ‘ specific match making’ with the relevant search query. The important thing is to be specific in deciding website’s address and must not mislead Google. The option of second address on your website can work really well but again you need to be specific …

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Episode 50 [Attorney SEO] How Long Does SEO Take To Improve Your Law Firm’s Website

I have answered one of the most commonly asked question, ‘how long does SEO takes for Attorneys to make money’? It is explained in detail that why SEO takes time for Attorneys to make money. I have also explained about Google Search Algorithm and about the ever increasing competition online and that’s why SEO at …

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Episode 49 [Attorney SEO] Why Responsive Design And Having A Google Blessed Mobile-Friendly Website Is Critical In 2015

In 2014, the mobile traffic jumped up to more than 50 percent of the overall traffic and it is still growing fast. That’s the reason why mobile friendly websites have become more important in 2015. Mobile friendly website does not only add to the users experience but it also helps your website to rank better …

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Episode 48 [General] Helping Your Clients Decide Why They Should Hire You

When people want to hire an attorney, they look at the reviews to see how you’ve helped other people. They are focused on your experience, especially if you have answer to their specific problem. Now it’s your job to give them an indicator to hire you versus someone else. Other than your reviews, you can …

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Episode 47 [General] Radio Days for Attorneys: Does Radio Advertising Really Work?

Richard Jacobs, attorney marketing specialist talks about the use Radio in Attorney Advertising and how it can be used most efficiently. He highlights with the help of examples the common mistakes that most of the attorneys make in Radio Advertising. It is then further elaborated that what are the right ways of doing Radio Advertising …

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Episode 46 [Attorney SEO] STOP Checking Your Google Rankings !

Everyone who has even a little knowledge of SEO is running after the Google RANKINGS because they think if they have good rankings, they are going to get good business. When it comes to SEO for law firm websites, even the lawyers do the same. They get their site redone, SEO’d and right after few …

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Episode 45 [Attorney SEO] Content For Attorney Websites Is Like Oxygen For People – Here’s Why

Richard Jacobs talks about ‘why content is important in SEO and how content is the most important driver in succeeding with SEO and Attorney Advertising’. The importance of generating content in accordance with the Google search algorithm must be understood because Google search algorithm is the primary criteria for your content. The emphasis must be …

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