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Episode 331 – The Importance of Reviews Part 2

There is a hidden truth in your reviews; all you have to do is read between the lines. And it’s one that can generate a tremendous amount of revenue, referrals, and reviews, all while boosting your authority in your legal niche. Richard Jacobs explains that the first step in uncovering this truth is generating a …

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Episode 330 – “OK Google, Optimize My Website for the Era of Voice Search”

Welcome to the era of voice search. It’s not just for young people, but people of all ages. And it’s not just for one or two markets or industries, but nearly all of them—including the legal profession. If you don’t want to lag behind other attorneys, then you need to make sure your website meets …

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Episode 329 – The Extreme Importance of Reviews Part 1

There is an unfortunate yet inescapable truth that far too many attorneys try to hide from: the occasional bad review will happen. Most of the attorneys who’ve come to accept this problem have chosen a “solution” that’s misguided, and actually worsens the impact of the problem itself. Richard Jacobs tells you how to build an armor of …

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Episode 328 – Referral Network

Few attorneys need to be convinced that referrals are the best type of lead, and there really can’t be too many of them. Referrals aren’t interested in price shopping for attorneys and testing your knowledge; they’re interested in getting top-notch representation by someone who has been personally recommended to them. And they’re willing to pay …

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Episode 327 – Getting On Podcasts

Once you land your first guest appearance on a reputable podcast, you’ll be well on your way to landing more and more appearances. And with each appearance, your authority will grow, increasing your chances of landing a spot on one of the big podcasts—one that hundreds of thousands of people tune into on a regular …

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Episode 326 – How to Get Featured on Third-Party Media

If you showcase your authority wisely, then you will never find yourself chasing the media, because you’ll be their go-to expert. Their go-to expert when they need information about your legal niche, when they need to add credibility to their story, when they want to write a story that makes them stand out. The key? …

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Episode 325 – Attorneys who have “satellite” sites

You’ve created a book, or better yet, a series of books. That’s great, but why stop there? Why not extract every last bit of value from your books? Why not repurpose them into satellite websites that enhance your reputation as an authority in your niche, and pull affluent clients into your practice? It’s a low-cost, …

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Episode 324 – How to OWN your legal niche

You’ve defined your authority, and you’ve asserted it in your first book; now what? Step 3 of 7 in building your authority snowball, which is to do one more 90-minute interview, and get two more books out of it. With a suite of three books, you’ll have an established book “series”—something that will set you …

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Episode 323 – The Most Powerful Marketing Medium for Attorneys (Based on Results of 800+ Clients)

When told they should “write a book to get more clients,” most attorneys don’t listen; they think it’ll take too long, require too much effort, and not even be effective. …And if they were to go the typical route of authoring a book, they might be right, but not if they use the Speak-a-BookTM method. …

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Episode 322 -Your Declaration of Authority

What does your ideal client avatar look like? Figuring that out might take a little bit of work on your end, but I bet you can say without hesitation that it’s someone who is willing and able to follow your advice, and affluent enough to pay you what you’re worth. These are the types of …

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