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Episode 231 – PPC – Know What Works and What Doesn’t

Have you tried PPC? Have you found it ineffective and expensive? Then you must be doing it the wrong way! I talked to Luda Drummond of Click Whipt, ClickWhipt specializes in running successful PPC campaigns for Law Firms, and asked her the secrets of running a successful PPC campaign. She was kind enough to share …

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Episode 230 – Interview Series – What’s Working Now For Lawyers

You may not be aware but on the side, I run a Podcast called Future Tech Podcast where I interview companies and individuals that have technology that’s right around the corner. I’ve done a lot of interviews about Bitcoin (Digital or Crypto-currencies), Self Driving Cars, Stem Cells Research, 3D Printing etc. And I’ve learned a …

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Episode 229 – Crimmigration Under Trump – Where Does It Stand?

Criminal defense attorney, James Abate, talks “Crimmigration”, the intersection of criminal law and immigration law and where it stands under the new administration. Crimmigration is nothing new. In fact under former President Obama, over 2.7 million illegal criminals were removed from the United States. However, under President Trump, changes are already in motion. Attorney Abate …

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Episode 228 – The Young Attorney – Doogie Howser, In Law School

Completing law school at any age is an impressive feat. For Attorney Philip E. Meyer, that time came and went a little earlier than for most. Listen as Meyer tells us about his experiences (both the pros and cons) of attending and graduating law school by the age of 22! He lets us in on …

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Episode 227 – How To Make Compelling Case Studies To Get More Clients?

You can’t win a case without providing the evidence and nothing can be justified in the court room without alibis and solid proof. The same is true outside the courtroom. People who would want you to represent them in court would want ‘solid proof’ that you are the right guy who can handle their situation. …

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Episode 226 – What Doomsday Preppers Can Teach You About Law?

Have you ever wondered why your firm might not be doing well? Why your potential clients are running away? Is getting new clients becoming a problem? Maybe it’s because of high competition, or maybe the market has stagnated or even maybe there are no people with problems. The last one may seem too farfetched but …

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Episode 225 – Growing Your Law Practice By Looking Forward Vs. Looking Back

A lot of attorneys look back and cry over failed marketing plan or failed PPC campaign etc. But they fail to understand that it’s too late, everything has happened, time has passed and they have zero control over the past. What you can do instead is to look forward, learn from the mistakes, try and …

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Episode 224 – Small Firm, Big Ideas! Oklahoma Criminal Defense Attorney Shares His Successful Journey

A successful Oklahoma Criminal Defense attorney, Frank Urbanic, illustrates his experience and creative approaches to marketing a solo firm in today’s legal arena. From a catchy tag line (“Don’t panic – Call Urbanic”) to focusing on how technology can bring his firm to the forefront of criminal defense law, Attorney Urbanic, shares a combination of …

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Episode 223 – Texas Law Hawk – From Stuntman To Leading Attorney

Motorcycles, American flag-inspired bikini-clad ladies, fire, lots of fire, and oh – that booming Texas Law Hawk voice. These are not your typical ingredients for what may come to mind when one thinks “attorney”. In the case of Texas’ own Bryan Wilson, however, it’s all part of a brilliant marketing strategy that has not only …

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Episode 222 – How to Run For Local Office (ex: Judge) – Political Consultant Craig W. Turner

Craig W. Tuner, operates a PR firm helping people run for local office. You want a campaign design? He has got it. You want people to vote for you? He knows how to make that happen! With a background in media and substantial experience in the industry, this guy can help you run for local …

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