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Episode 304 – Eating Our Own Dog Food: Success with Zoom!

In this podcast, Richard talks about Speakeasy Marketing, Inc.’s own success with Zoom meetings, enabling extremely effective client engagement. Despite our great discussions with attorney clients over Zoom, we’re finding that attorneys aren’t using Zoom with their own clientele. Richard explains how meeting over Zoom is much more powerful than phone conversations and brings greater …

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Episode 303 – Lessons on the Practice of Law in the Age of COVID-19

On today’s show, Richard Jacobs welcomes AV Preeminent rated attorney Francisco “Frank” Ramos, Jr., managing partner of Clarke Silverglate and practitioner of commercial litigation, drug, and medical device products liability, and catastrophic personal injury law. He shares his perspective on and experience within the changing landscape of law amid COVID-19. “If COVID taught us anything, …

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Episode 302 – A Spoonful of Zoom: Take your Medicine for Better Business

Richard shares that we’ve increased our client base through some great zoom techniques, but we’re hearing that our attorney clients aren’t using zoom to increase their own business. He reminds attorneys of some effective ways zoom can reach clients, describes how well it has worked to increase Speakeasy’s business and adds details about Speakeasy’s Virtual …

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Episode 301 – Planning for Power with Richard’s New Book

In this podcast, Richard reads a selection from his new book, 12 Powerful Principles of Prosperous Law Practices, and tells you how to get a complimentary copy. The book brings together years of wisdom and experience that make for a prosperous law firm in lockstep with the challenges 2020 has unleashed. He reads Principal 12, …

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Episode 300 – Lessons in Law Advertising from the Battle of Thermopylae

In 480 BC, a monstrous army of Persians tried to invade Greece, which could defend itself only with a fraction of the Persian army. Despite this, Sparta won. How? And why does it matter? In this episode, Richard Jacobs explains how the Battle of Thermopylae can be compared to the current state of advertising in …

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A Look at How COVID-19 is Changing the Legal Landscape

During these extremely uncertain times, businesses are under a tremendous amount of stress. Some have remained closed entirely, some are only offering curbside pick-ups, and others have strict mask mandates. Most business owners desperately want and need some form of insurance to protect them from liability so that they can once again open their doors. …

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Episode 299 – There’s No Telling Like Storytelling

In today’s episode, Richard Jacobs shares insight on how to not only grab people’s attention but hold it long enough to draw them into your world. It’s not often considered as such, but storytelling is actually a very powerful marketing tool, especially during these restrictive times. Jacobs cites a recent email he received from Attorney …

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Episode 298 – How to Build a Barrier Against Bad Reviews

Bad reviews are inevitable—there’s no way around them. But this doesn’t mean they have to negatively impact you or your firm’s reputation, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you should avoid asking for reviews for fear you’ll receive a negative one. The more positive reviews you have, the less those occasional bad reviews will have an impact …

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Episode 297 – A Method to Preempt Price Objections

The bane of every attorney’s business: the price objection! In this podcast, Richard shows you how you can use human psychology and the goldilocks principal to forgo these objections from your clients. He uses an accompanying set of pictures and video to illustrate his points. Richard tells you how to tailor an explanation of billing …

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Episode 296 – Pivoting Your Law Practice in a Downturn

Richard explains how sometimes when forces hit, you have to pivot and change how you run your practice. He mentions that while in some states there are expungements or concealments, other states make it easier to post personal information online in different media forms that your client doesn’t want available. You can offer as a …

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