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Episode 297 – A Method to Preempt Price Objections

The bane of every attorney’s business: the price objection! In this podcast, Richard shows you how you can use human psychology and the goldilocks principal to forgo these objections from your clients. He uses an accompanying set of pictures and video to illustrate his points. Richard tells you how to tailor an explanation of billing …

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Episode 296 – Pivoting Your Law Practice in a Downturn

Richard explains how sometimes when forces hit, you have to pivot and change how you run your practice. He mentions that while in some states there are expungements or concealments, other states make it easier to post personal information online in different media forms that your client doesn’t want available. You can offer as a …

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Episode 295 – Insights From Using Virtual Closing System

Whether or not you’re using Speakeasy Marketing’s Virtual Closing System, the insight provided by Richard Jacobs on today’s podcast can help you obtain more clients, and ensure that they’re comfortable while you’re at it. Video conferences seem to be the latest new trend—maybe not by choice, but by necessity amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This …

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Episode 294 – New Practice Area or Service During Corona Virus

Businesses are having a hard time understanding how they can legally function these days with the coronavirus. That’s where your skill as an attorney comes in, no matter your practice area: you can help! It’s very challenging for businesses to know what they can or can’t do and they have no clear voice telling them. …

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Episode 293 – Why You Should NOT Use A Screenshare to Close Potentials

In this podcast, Richard shares advice about how to close a deal with clients in a dynamic and much more client-friendly way. He also shares some feedback on our new and popular Virtual Closing System. He’s done several mock case evaluations and noticed how much more effective it is to have a virtual meeting standing …

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Episode 292 – Payment Plans with Iqualify Lending – Jason Brown

Money matters: it matters to you, and it matters to your clients. On today’s episode, Richard Jacobs discusses how to make more of it in the form of better client retention—47% better, while at the same time removing the financial burden from your clients. To achieve this, Jacobs has decided to implement the iQualify Lending …

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Episode 291 – Honing in on Humanization—Secrets of Attorney Marketing Podcast with Richard Jacobs

It’s no secret: it’s not hard to find an attorney these days. In fact, a quick Google search for “divorce attorney” or “DUI lawyer” will yield hundreds of results, and many of the corresponding websites will say relatively the same thing. As a potential client of yours, where is my incentive to choose you over …

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Episode 290 – How to Take Payment Plans AND STILL GET PAID IMMEDIATELY

Richard Jacobs, the president/founder of Speakeasy Marketing, walks us through an easy method to let your clients pay on a payment plan, yet you can still get paid right away—a winning solution for all involved. Jacobs is an experienced leader in the marketing business world. He has helped guide hundreds of law firms and private …

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Episode 289 – Should You Put “Chalk Talks” on Your Practice’s Website?

Richard Jacobs, the president and founder of Speakeasy Marketing, provides valuable information that will help you get more marketing value out of your existing marketing budget. In this competitive marketplace, and especially now during this global pandemic, it’s critical to get the most value you can for every dollar you spend. Jacobs’ methods not only …

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Episode 288 – Positioning Authority And Brand

Marketing expert, Richard Jacobs, the founder, and president of Speakeasy Marketing, discusses virtual closing in the time of coronavirus. Richard Jacobs has years of experience in successful attorney marketing, and his company, Speakeasy Marketing, has worked with hundreds and hundreds of private office attorneys as well as big attorney firms, helping them to take their …

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