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Episode 211 – Non-Profit Business Sector – Possibilities For Lawyers

Have you ever considered dipping your toe into non-profit business sector? Leading Tampa attorney, Brian Walsh, gives us the low down on who, what, when and how that can be accomplished. Brian shares his experience and presents some solid ideas. Listen to the complete interview below and make sure to subscribe, share and review the …

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Episode 210 – Social Media, PR, Referrals & More – Tips For Lawyers From Leader In The Industry

A leader in entertainment law, Attorney Jeff Kravitz, shares his experience and expertise in successful ways to use PR, social media and referrals to leverage your firm. Who knows? You too may soon be welcoming “big name” clients through your door too … Listen to this fascinating interview Tracy Merda did with Attorney Jeff Kravitz. …

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Episode 209 – Pricing Strategy To Retain More Clients

I recently did a podcast with a Doctor to find out what Doctors are doing in terms of marketing to get more patients. I learned a unique pricing strategy that this doctor uses successfully to retain more patients. I’ve talked about it in detail how Attorneys can use this same technique to land more clients. …

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Episode 208 – Machine Learning Contract Analysis For Attorneys

We may not yet be at the point where robots are taking all of our jobs … But why not pass off some of the workload at least to machine learning artificial intelligence software that sets the stage for users to employ its contract analysis and helps attorneys in their due diligence. The Director of …

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Episode 207 – Yellow Pages Still Working For Lawyers

Yellow pages can still be used to get clients in 2017 and it is super cheap to advertise. But to get the most out of yellow pages there are a few tricks that I’ve shared in my latest podcast. Listen to it below, it will definitely help you. Make sure to subscribe, share and review …

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Episode 206 – Casey Flaherty Of – Technology Training And Benchmarking Made Easy

Procertas (Professional Certifications and Technology Assessments) offers training on vital, but often dismissed skills such as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and other common office technologies. In Law Firms, Doctor’s offices, and other professional firms, you’d be surprised at how much productivity can be improved when you train your staff on these basic programs. Procertas’ flagship …

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Episode 205 – Live Chat – Capturing Prospects That Get Away

Not so sure about adding live chat to your website? Join us as the VP/Co-Founder and the Director of Marketing of ApexChat share how their service can result in a 40% increase in leads for your law firm. Stay tuned to the end. ApexChat offers listeners an exclusive value offer. Listen to the interview below …

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Episode 204 – Speed Up Contract Review & Interpretation Using Artificial Intelligence

If you’re doing heavy contract drafting, review, editing, and/or e-discovery, then Legal Sifter can help you understand lengthy and complex contracts within minutes using their artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Legal Sifter uses natural language processing (NPL) & machine learning, to process unstructured raw terms, conditions & words into well-structured data & insights ready …

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Episode 203 – How Google AdWords Can Get You More Clients In Unexpected Way

Google AdWords or Pay Per Click is super expensive and the reason behind this is the fierece competition in the legal industry. But there’s a way how you can make pay per click advertising profitable for your firm and get more clients in an unexpected way. Remember, PPC doesn’t work if you don’t know exactly …

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Episode 202 – Business Law – An Attorney’s Look Back At 2016 And Forward To 2017

Leading Los Angeles attorney, Robbin L. Itkin, shares invaluable insight on the challenges businesses faced in the past few years and a few thoughts on what may be in store under Trump in 2017. Listen to the complete interview below and make sure to subscribe, share and review the podcast.   Podcast: Play in new …

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