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Episode 197 – Hot Tips For Marketing And Managing Your Small Law Firm

Not sure how to get your name out there and compete with big boy law firms? Attorney Gary Port spells out the basics on the most effective ways to market and manage your small law firm. Listen to the complete interview below and make sure to subscribe to the podcast and post a review.   …

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Episode 196 – Why Authoring A Book Elevates Your Status & Attract Better Clients

Marketing your law firm in 2017 is expected to become even harder and you should prepare yourself for the tough competition ahead. There are so many marketing techniques out there, some of them work and some don’t. My strong recommendation is to author a book on your practice area or any legal matter that relates …

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Episode 195 – Client Killing Things Law Firms Say

The worst thing that you might do to a potential client is redirecting them to this or that part of your site so they get an answer they’re looking for. That’s the death of your business and there is no joke in it. Internet is one place you can get lost in even at the …

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Episode 194 – What It Feels Like To Be A Personal Injury Client

I was in a car accident a few weeks back and now have first hand experience of how it feels to be in a collision, suffer injury (soft tissue damage at least), have to look for an attorney, talk to insurance companies, etc. Although I know a lot about the legal process, I still had …

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Episode 193 – Quickly Understand, & React to Legal Documents, Contracts & Agreements Using Legal Robot’s AI

Legal Robot’s Artificial Intelligence engine can scan a long form contract, and provide you with a 1 page summary of all the important issues contained in the contract, as well as red flags that may be present. Legal Robot substitutes traditional contract review (and drafting as well) with an automated, intelligent natural language processing AI …

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Episode 192 – Artificial Intelligence Helps Human Lawyers Research Faster And More Accurately

You may have heard about the Artificially Intelligence Judge (we covered in a previous podcasts, you can listen to it HERE), and you’ll discover more about how AI and the law are coming together in this interview with Jimoh Ovbiagele, Cofounder/CTO at ROSS Intelligence. ROSS helps human lawyers perform faster, more accurate legal research, especially …

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Episode 191 – ‘Ballot Selfie’ Craze – Find Out What’s Legal and What’s Not

Election Day is around the corner folks – but before you take that selfie and paste, post, tweet, snap or whatever the kids are doing nowadays … beware … you could land yourself with a misdemeanor and a fine! Jaclyn Belczyk, Research Director for JURIST, the award winning web-based legal news and real-time legal research …

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Episode 190 – Artificial Intelligence In The Field Of Law | Interview With Attorney Dimitrios Tsarapatsanis

Lecturer in Law at University of Sheffield and Associate at Panayotis Yatagantzidis Law Offices, Dimitrios Tsarapatsanis shares his research about judicial decision-making using artificial intelligence. Artificially intelligent judge has been developed and it can predict the court verdicts with an amazing 79% accuracy. Listen to the podcast for more detailed take on this. Make sure …

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Episode 189 – Interview With A Political Strategist, Author & Film Maker, Dinesh D’Souza

This week I did an interesting interview with Dinesh D’Souza, a political commentator, author and documentary film maker. He recently authored a book and made a documentary called “Hilary’s America”. Listen as he shares his personal story, the American dream and how he achieved a lot as an immigrant American. He also talks about the …

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Episode 188 – How To Target Clients That Can Actually Pay Your Fees

Wouldn’t you like to have the higher quality clients who are far more willing to pay your retainer fees and not price-shop you or look at you as commodity, instead have more respect for what you do. To find these kind of clients you need to change the way you market yourself as an attorney …

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