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Episode 81 – How Positive Attitude Can Win You More Clients?

Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will. So, once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results – you’ll start retaining more. You as a lawyer can change your future by merely changing your attitude. Listen to this short audio where I have talked about how …

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Episode 82 – Thanksgiving – The Perfect Time To Re-engage Past Clients!

Let’s face the truth! As a lawyer, you will never be remembered by your clients even if you got them out of a fix. Why? Because you are associated to a negative patch in their lives, why would they want to remember any of that? But you can change that, you can re-engage your past clients, …

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Episode 83 – How To Differentiate Your Credentials To Get More Clients?

Today I will share one simple tweak (that we use for our attorney clients) you can make to credetialize yourself as a “Go To Attorney” and draw potential clients in like a magnet. I will show you how you can present your qualifications, accomplishments, and track record in a way that does justice and dignifies …

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Episode 84 – 3 Clever Ways To Get More Testimonials And “Street Cred”

In a world that’s becoming increasingly more jaded by the day, legitimate reviews from past clients are the new coin of the realm. Right now, the most powerful places attorneys and law firms can showcase their testimonials (and collect them from) are: Yelp, Google+, and AVVO. Click the play button below to listen to the …

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Episode 85 – How Do People Search On Google? Vanity Keywords vs. Question Keywords

When people get into trouble they don’t immediately decide on hiring a lawyer – obvious! So, they don’t search for the “Vanity Keywords” like Divorce Lawyer Atlanta or DUI Attorney LA etc. instead they will have questions about their situation and they would Google all kind of these “Question Keywords” like “Will my wife get …

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Episode 86 – Marketing Predictions For 2016 – Time To Diversify Your Marketing

Technology is getting progressively advanced and it’s getting harder & harder to retain clients from online marketing especially with Google consistently updating their algorithm. What’s the solution then? I’ve shared my Marketing Predictions in 2016, listen to the short audio below to find out how you can diversify your marketing channels to keep up with …

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Episode 87 – Building Competitive Advantages AKA Moats

In today’s exclusive episode you’ll learn; – How to develop Competitive Advantages for your law firm and – How building these Competitive Advantages aka Moats would keep the competitors out & transform your law practice. Click below to listen.

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Episode 88 – What Is A Domain Name Actually Worth?

In today’s episode you’ll learn Do exact-match domains have any value? Should you buy 40-50 EMDs or just one regular domain? New Website vs. Old Website, which is more effective? Click below to listen.  

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Episode 89 – Why Attorneys Should Read “The Checklist Manifesto” By Atul Gawande

If you are an attorney who doesn’t have time to breath, doesn’t have time to eat and doesn’t have time to live a normal life then you need to read my recommended book, “The Checklists Manifesto”. Listen to the short audio below to find out why & how this book can help you be more …

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Episode 90 – [General] Automating Your Law Practice Can Shave 20 Hours A Week Off Your Schedule

In today’s podcast I’ll be sharing great ideas & insights on; How we automated our business at SpeakeasyMarketingInc How our attorney clients have been able to automate their law practices And how YOU can automate your law practice too. Listen to the detailed audio below and start automating your practice today!  

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