When potential clients in your metro and practice area search for an attorney online, this 5-step method ensures that your firm is the one they find first.


Because we know a secret:

Most marketing and SEO companies will tell you that if you want to attract new business from the Internet, you need to show on the first page of Google for certain “commercial” keywords.

Keywords like:

st louis divorce attorney

And it’s true.

Except, there’s just one small problem: In most metro and practice areas, there are dozens, sometimes several dozen, attorneys and law firms competing for these same keywords.

Here is what the marketing and SEO companies will not tell you:

When John Smith suddenly learns that his wife wants to divorce him, chances are he does not immediately search for a divorce attorney. Instead, Mr. Smith will lay awake all night stressing about his future and searching Google for answers to his most pressing questions.

What Client’s Say About Speakeasy Authority Marketing

He’ll enter keywords like:

wife wants divorce will i keep house missouri

Can you guess how many divorce attorneys in St. Louis rank for this keyword?

Not many.

If Mr. Smith is lucky, he’ll find a law firm with content on their website that answers his question in way that is straightforward and friendly. And who do you think he’s going to call in a day or two once he has made up his mind that he needs to hire an attorney?

This is how a select few law firms – those who are in the know – show up first in Google, days and sometimes weeks before their competitors come into the picture.

If you want your law firm to be the firm potentials find first, forget about “commercial” keywords; you need to rank for as many “content” keywords as you can.

And our unique and proprietary method is the most powerful way to do that.

The PRIME Marketing Method

This method is built upon five fundamental steps that help your firm get found first:

P – publish helpful content:

Not just “some” content, but a lot of content. In fact, your firm’s website will have more content than any of your competitors – content that answers all the most common questions.

R – reach out to new channels:

The market for legal services is fragmented. We need to make sure that wherever potentials look, your firm shows ups everywhere. This helps in building your perceived status and authority.

I – improve your website:

This is about making sure your firm’s website is: (a) Google-ready; (b) mobile-ready; and, most importantly, (c) human-ready, so that qualified visitors are converted into calls and inquiries.

M – measure results:

We need to track everything: the exact “content” keywords potentials use to find your firm; which pieces of content they read; the percentage of visitors who call or send an inquiry; etc.

E – evaluate and evolve:

We can use this data to see which content themes are most effective in attracting potentials, answering their questions, and persuading them to call or send an email.

These five steps are all essential in making sure your firm gets found first online.

They also help make sure that your firm:

In short, your law firm is the PRIME firm in your metro and practice area.

How did we discover this method?

Richard Jacobs, President of Speakeasy Authority Marketing, is the founder and former owner of MyDUIAttorney.org – a lead-generation website he built from scratch. When he sold the website in 2013, it had provided 34,879 leads to DUI attorneys across the United States.

Mr. Jacobs spent many tens of thousands of dollars getting MyDUIAttorney.org ranked on the first page of Google for dozens of “commercial” keywords for cities across the country.

However, what he found is that the majority of leads came from “content” keywords.

Over the next four years, he developed a process for generating high-quality, unique content that accelerates the “know, like, and trust” process and gets potentials to call.

Since 2012, Mr. Jacobs has used to same process – the PRIME Marketing Method – to help more than 640 solo attorneys and small law firms land more cases each month by getting found online first before their competitors. What he discovered along the way is remarkable:

Leads that come from “content” keywords are, statistically speaking, far more likely to convert into a medium- or high-fee case that leads from “commercial” keywords.


It’s simple.

After a potential has read two, three, sometimes four or more pieces of content on your website, by the time they pick up the phone and call, they already know, like, and trust you.

This is what makes this method so powerful.

Case Studies

Would you like to see how we’ve applied the PRIME Marketing Method in the real world, with solo attorneys and small law firms just like you, and what kind of results we achieved?

If so, check out the following case studies:

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