Add Manager To YouTube Channel

Step 1) Go to ( and Sign-In.

Sign In

Step 2) Sign-In your Account by Using Email and Password of your Account.

Using Email and Password

Step 3) Click on the Icon on the top right corner of screen.

Top Right Corner Of Screen

Step 4)  Click on ‘Your Channel’ section.

‘Your Channel’

Step 5)  Click on the ‘Customize Channel’ Button.

‘Customize Channel’

Step 6)  YouTube ‘Creator Studio’ Opens. Click on the Settings button in the left corner.

‘Creator Studio’ / Settings button

Step 7) In settings section, click on ‘Permission’ button.


Step 8) Click on ‘Invite’ and add Email: & Assign Manager role.

‘Invite’ and add Email

Step 9) Click ‘Save.’