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How did Attorney Paul Geller write the three books that made him the authority in his practice area and spend only three hours writing each book? Speak A Book is the fastest and easiest way to author a book utilizing SEO for lawyers without physically writing a single word. Attorney David Katz, of Katz & Philips, has created a number of books using this method. Sitting down and writing all of these books would have taken years; they probably would not ever have been written. After three re-prints of his DUI book alone, we can attribute at least a six to one return on the money spent to publish his Speak A Book. Attorney Katz explained, “Becoming a published author has added to our brand and helped build our reputation among potential clients and other attorneys.”

The Speak A Book Process

Here is how the Speak A Book process works:


Our law firm marketing company will conduct a 30-minute strategy session, over the phone, at your convenience. This will result in an agreement on the title and premise of your book, and you will plan out the high-level content that will be included in each chapter.


A representative from our law firm marketing company will call you for an extensive phone interview. Then we conduct a relaxed 90-minute phone interview (recorded) to create your Speak-a-Book, specifically designed to extract your methodology and your ideas in a way that is structured and coherent. Your manuscript will be drafted by transcribing that interview. An editor will remove all verbal artifacts and rearrange the content so that it has a structured flow and incorporates SEO for lawyers.

Next, your book will be professionally designed. A disclaimer, a table of contents, a table of figures, an index, front and back covers, publishing information, the ISBN, and the barcode will be added. The book is then published on Amazon and Kindle and promoted. You are given physical printed copies. Your book will also be put on your website and you will be given the option to offer it on as an audio book.

The total process takes 35-45 days for Speakeasy to finish your book, yet only three hours of your time. In exchange for that three hours, you will get a PDF copy of your book that you can email to prospective clients and put on your website for download. You will have your own Amazon author biography page and your own Kindle pages. On average, it would cost $25,000 do create a book, especially if a ghost writer were to be used.

Have you ever wondered what it would cost to hire a ghostwriter to author your own book? Just like Attorney Geller, you could see a $74,000 lift in business over the next twelve months. However, if you were to hire a ghostwriter, it wouldn’t really be your book being written. It would be someone else’s interpretation of your ideas, and that someone wouldn’t even have a law license or any of the years of experience that you do. Our law firm marketing company could easily charge $25,000 for the Speak A Book process but we do not. However, for readers of this blog, we are offering an even better deal on Speak A Book, the most effective form of attorney marketing in the US. Contact us at (888) 225-8594 or email

Remember, with this process, it is your book. There are no strings attached; you own all the copyrights and you can order re-prints anytime you like from either us or your own print house. There are no lock-ins and no additional expenses or subscriptions of any kind. Imagine what your practice will look like when you are a preeminent authoritative attorney. Just like Attorney Geller, you could see a $74,000 lift in business over the next twelve months.

We can make you a legitimate published author in just 30 days by helping you to create your own book, completely owned by you. This is a real book with an ISBN, a cover, and physical copies that you can give out to potential referral partners and potential clients. Other than talking for a few hours, this strategy requires no work from you. You do not have to manage anything and you do not have to think about it. You simply show up, over the phone, for the initial strategy session and the interview. Let us use our proven process for the most successful form of attorney marketing in the US and you can sit back and reap the rewards.

About Richard Jacobs

My name is Richard Jacobs, and I’ve discovered quite a bit about the plight of solo practitioners and small, 2-5 attorney firms like yours these past 13 years.

I’ve come to understand the unique challenges in marketing ethically and effectively that attorneys face because I have:

  • Helped over 180 attorneys author their own practice area book and become the ‘implied expert’ in their practice area
  • Helped hundreds of attorneys successfully navigate Google’s search algorithm changes, growing their websites from 2 potential clients calling a month to 4+ calls per DAY for some clients.
  • Interviewed and promoted over 507 attorneys nationwide, in practice areas such as:
  • DUI / DWI
  • Family Law
  • Criminal Defense
  • Bankruptcy
  • Auto Accidents
  • Social Security Disability
  • Slip & Falls (Premises Liability)
  • Real Estate
  • Estate Planning / Probate
  • Wage and Hour Claims
  • Expungements / Post Conviction Relief

Before you decide to invest in your marketing, it makes sense to first request your complimentary, custom, no obligation video website review.

Richard is the author of 6 books published on Amazon, Kindle and

Richard is available for speaking engagements on direct marketing for attorneys and has recently spoken at the following legal conferences:

  • PILMMA (Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing & Management Association)
  • Las Vegas DUI Summit – Private event for DUI attorneys
  • New York Boutique Lawyers Association
  • Perry Marshall & Associates Marketing Academy (Marina Del Rey, CA)
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL)
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