The Google Pay Per Click Strip Club

I know, I know. Google Pay Per Click is REALLLLLLY Expensive. You’ve got a company that’s doing it for you or you’ve done it yourself and it doesn’t work.

Well, you’re right. It doesn’t work if you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t have a lot of expertise in running it.

I’m NOT telling you that Pay Per Click is profitable. It could very well be a waste of your time.

But what I CAN GUARANTEE YOU is that your current PPC company is not tracking results in a way that can tell you how much it costs you to get a retained client.

Here’s an example:

“Attorney Joe Blow, last month you got 347 clicks, your Ad showed to 104,390 people, and you spent $3,923.14.”

“Isn’t that wonderful?!? What a great job we did!”

Oh yeah? How many CLIENTS were retained from the $3,923.14 you spent?

“Duh….well, only you can tell US that. We got you all this business. Aren’t you happy?”

How about putting in phone and help-form tracking on your website that will tell you:

Based on C clicks, D people CALLED YOUR OFFICE. E people filled in a form on your website, and F people RETAINED YOU.

What a concept!

Here’s some simple math, and here’s what your PPC company SHOULD be telling you:

“Mr. so and so, this month you spent $3923.14, got 347 clicks, and out of those clicks, 13 people called your office, 3 filled out your website form, and 3 of them ended up retaining you.”

“Here’s the info of the people that retained you – Either their phone# or email address. They called you or filled in your form on July 12, 17 and 25th”

“Ok. So you took in 3 clients, so it cost you $1,307.31 on average to get those 3 clients. Was it profitable for you after your office expenses and time involved?”

Does this make more sense now? Is pay per click worth it in this situation or not? Well, that depends on how much you make on a client.

Find out if Pay Per Click is worth it or not to your firm.

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