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There. I said it.

I can safely say that I’ve talked (either through my newsletter or by phone) to over 620 attorneys nationwide the past 3 years, and 97% of them do not track where their clients come from, or which one of their advertising methods brought them a potential client that retained them.

They just “have a feeling”.

…and some of them are what the casinos in Las Vegas call “Whales”.

Whales are individual attorneys or law firms that spend $10k, $20k, or even $30,000 a MONTH on advertising and don’t track the results.

Yes, all the whales I spoke to are doing well. They all seem to be pretty happy and successful. They work long hours. They want to dominate Their market…

…but they’re wasting ungodly amounts of money by covering their eyes when they step on the scale.

Then there are the Starvin’ Marvins’ – these are attorneys who are afraid to spend ANYTHING on marketing, and what they do spend is only the cheapest, sh*ttiest, and ineffective methods out there, and of course, they’re proud of their lean practices with low overhead, but they get few clients and eke by on a middle class salary, working 70+ hour weeks.

In the middle is the sweet spot, but even these guys are perhaps the worst off out of anyone. Their results are mediocre, they’re constantly preyed upon by every pay per click, website developing, pay per lead-selling, SEO-1st-page-of-Google-promising vendor out there.

They’re doing a combination of 2, 3, 4 or 5 different marketing methods and not tracking any of them. Their practices aren’t where they want to be, and they’re working hard just to make the monthly nut, yet constantly worried about the coming month.

A slow month or two can easily put them on death’s door to going out of business.


You’re looking for 2 events to take place from potential clients:

  • They call you
  • They email you

That’s about it, except for walk-ins, which are rare in most law practices.

How to Track Phone and Email Leads:

1. Get a unique phone # for each type of advertising you do through that forwards to your office or cell.

2. Get a unique email address for each type of advertising you do through gmail (recommended) that forwards to your main email.

3. Put a different phone# AND a different email address on:

  • Business Cards
  • Yellow Pages Ads
  • Pay Per Lead Services
  • Pay Per Click Google / Yahoo / Bing Campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Direct Mail (Jailer Mailers / Courthouse Leads)
  • Each website you own
  • Each website you have a profile on (Avvo, Yellowbook, Google Maps, etc)
  • Every time you ask for a referral or a testimonial from clients
  • Everywhere else you do marketing / advertising (TV, Radio, etc)

If By Phone gives you a dashboard where you can see:

  • A caller’s caller ID
  • What phone# they dialed
  • what date they called
  • How long they were on the phone with you (or your staff)
  • What Keyword they typed into Google / Yahoo / Bing search to find you
  • (if applicable)
  • What website referred them to you (Avvo, radio station website, etc)

Your main email account will tell you where an email lead comes from.

CLOSE THE LOOP by training all office staff:

No matter who answers the phone or email at your office, make sure they note Down the following information so you can create an end-of-month report that Provides you USEFUL information:

  • Caller’s name
  • Who or what referred the caller
  • Caller’s email
  • Caller’s phone#
  • Type of legal issue (DUI, burglary, slip & fall, medical malpractice, bankruptcy, etc)
  • Did this person retain or not
  • How much they paid for their retainer
  • Did they make payments or pay in full & how long it took

…Is this a pain in the ass to set up?

Initially, Yes.

Is it worth it?

Without a doubt.

⇒ It will easily save you tens of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS, over a year

What To Do Next:

I’ve set up a complete, closed-loop tracking system for various law firms across the country.

To evaluate how tracking can help you, how much it Can save you monthly, and/or to have it done for you,

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