What To Expect

What You Get (And Can Expect) When Working With Speakeasy Marketing:

    • You Own All Rights & Control All Accounts ( including your website )
      Your online presence, which includes your website, Google+, Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts is YOUR intellectual property and YOUR asset. If you don’t own all accounts associated with your name and/or your Firm’s name, it’s only a matter of time where you may end up in a dispute where you lack control. Own and control: all logins, passwords, email accounts, your domain name, your content, pictures, videos, books, Google Maps, Google+, WordPress login, and other intellectual property we help you develop. (Be the master of your own destiny – probably the very reason you became a lawyer in the first place!)
    • Fast Client Support (email and phone)
      Guaranteed response within 24 business hours to your questions, issues, changes, upgrades or problems. No low-level account reps in your way. Waiting months for your new website to be coded? We guarantee it done in 45 days (so long as you submit all requests for changes in a timely way). Questions whether you should try X or Y marketing? (Call customer support Mon-Fri 8am-6pm or email: support@speakeasymarketinginc.com)
    • Get on Page 1 of Google for Thousands of Keywords (not just a few)
      Being on Page 1 of Google for ONLY 5-10 commercial keywords means you’ll miss out on 90% or more of all the Google traffic you COULD be getting. Over time, our most successful attorney clients now get 4,000+ monthly visits from Google, yet they find that their traffic comes from over 3,200 DIFFERENT KEYWORDS.
    • Website Design or Re-design Using Mobile-Friendly Coding
      Whether you don’t yet have a website & need one coded from scratch, or want a complete redesign of your existing website, we’ll create one that incorporates the design of your choice. Our websites are coded in WordPress (top platform shared by tens of millions of websites), and are also Mobile-Friendly (no need for a separate, stripped-down mobile website). (Whether a laptop, iPhone, Android, iPad or other device is used, we code your website so it will look its best to ALL viewers, leading to more of them calling and emailing you instead of ‘clicking back’ and going to your competitor’s website)
    • 74-Point Google SEO Readiness Checklist
      Our battle-tested, website-readiness checklist is applied to your website, putting you in a position to get substantially more traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing. Includes setting up 3 dozen profiles on trusted website portals like Yelp, AVVO, Thumbtack, CitySearch, Yellow Book, Yellow Pages, Better Business Bureau, and more. Clients can now leave reviews and interested prospects get 3rd party evidence why they should hire YOU.
    • No Blogging or Ghost Article Writing Needed
      You probably know that adding unique, fresh content (articles) to your website on a regular basis is Google’s #1 recommendation for website owners, but the drudgery of blogging yourself means this vital SEO task rarely gets done. We’ve found a simple way to minimize the time you must spend, yet still get tons of content, by conducting several recorded Q&A phone interview with you quarterly on a given practice area. We typically spend 1 hour talking about a practice area and answering common questions. We record, transcribe, and edit the call, and turn it into 8-12 unique articles and place it on your website. Just 1 hour a quarter is needed to give Google what it wants most – unique, fresh content.
    • Help Google Display Your Site to Searchers as if it was Composed of Hundreds of Signposts (each answering a specific question)
      Let’s say you practice Criminal Defense, and over the next year, we conduct 4 recorded phone interviews that produce 40+ unique articles we place on your website. We’ve covered Domestic Violence, DUI, Shoplifting, Assault, Sex Crimes, Probation, Post-conviction Relief, and more. Your website now shows up for hundreds of possible Google searches, on ALL OF THESE TOPICS and SUB-TOPICS because you have created specific content on them. This brings you dozens of searchers daily, and makes your phone ring multiple times a month, getting you more clients.
    • Author & Publish a (50-80 page) Book for Potential Clients on a Practice Area of Your Choice
      One of your recorded phone interviews will cover a practice area in which you most want to acquire new clients in. (ex: DUI, Car Accidents, Divorce, Estate Planning, Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy, etc). We re-purpose one or more of your interviews into an electronic AND physical 40-60 page book, complete with: Front and back cover design, table of contents, pictures, title, testimonials, ISBN#, listing on Amazon and Kindle for sale, and available as a pdf you can email to potential clients. The book is also made available on your website for instant download by website visitors. Someone downloads your book, you get an immediate email with their contact info and they become a lead you can call on. (physical book printing costs are offered at a great price)
  • Reliably KNOW Where Your Leads Come From ( without having to ask )
    When potential clients call and you ask how they found you, how often do they give nebulous answers like: “the internet”, “Google”, “I found you online”. When grilled, callers STILL don’t reliably know how they found you.Using custom tracking phone numbers and scripts, we email you the moment an email lead or a phone lead comes.You’ll know: caller’s name (caller ID), incoming phone#, time connected, pages visited on your site (bankruptcy caller vs. divorce?). Each week, you’ll receive a summary of all emails and calls, and a prompt for you to follow up on them so they retain you.
  • Gauge Progress Using 5, Real-World Indicators: ( not keyword rankings )
    You were on page 2 for keyword XYZ, now you’re on page 1 at the bottom… but your phone still hasn’t rung with a new client call. Why? What’s actually being done each month for the money you’re paying that SEO company?

    Here’s the right way to gauge your progress, using 5, real-world indicators:

    • Google Analytics installed on your site – see how many visitors your website gets daily right now. A much better gauge of your Google exposure is to see your daily visitors increase, NOT to see a keyword or two increase in ranking. For example: see your baseline of 2 visitors/day grow, to 5/day, 10/day, and 21 per day over the first 6 months. THAT is progress and a direct correlation with more calls from clients.
    • Phone and email tracking – get a weekly, and monthly report of all calls received, then filtered to leave mostly or potential client calls. Does your report correlate with your new clients retained? Now you can check and see if your website is getting you any calls or email leads and KNOW they could only have come from your website.
    • Articles uploaded to your website – each recorded phone interview will be transcribed, edited and placed on your website. You’ll see new articles and will have no doubt new, unique content is being added regularly.
    • All requested changes to your website are live– each month, you may have change or update requests to your website. We guarantee 72 business hours turnaround on 99% of requests. Each month, we’ll send you a list of all changes you requested and verification that they were done so you know nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Not an Expense, but an Investment in Your Law Practice
    Based on a pricing survey of the largest attorney marketing company competition, this exact marketing package costs $3,500 – $6,000 a month. Our rates are typically 50% less, sometimes even lower. Even if you’re a solo practitioner on a strict budget, retain just 1 client per month, and the marketing pays for itself. That’s why our successful attorney clients consider their marketing dollars in our programs as an INVESTMENT, not an expense. When you invest money, you expect it to return to you, and then some, producing a return (ROI) on investment. Successful lawyers know that they must invest in their websites and their marketing to produce returns later on. They also know that it takes time (sometimes 6 months or more), patience, and work, but the returns of 3 to 1, then 5 to 1, and sometimes even 8 to 1 on their investment is worth every penny. Before you decide to invest in your marketing, it makes sense to first request your complimentary, custom, no obligation video website review.

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