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Marc S. Ward, Esq.

SEO Client

(Frederick, MD)

Personal Injury, Workers’ compensation

“Excellent Results From My Marketing Campaign And Outstanding Customer Service”

My name is Marc Ward I’m an attorney in Frederick Maryland I’ve been a client of Speakeasy for the last 3 years I’ve gotten excellent results from my marketing campaign and outstanding customer service experience I’d highly recommend them Ashley has been a great account representative for me answering any of my questions timely and giving me ideas and tips to generate more traffic to our website which in turns generates more paying clients.

John B. Palley, Esq.

SAB Client

(Sacramento, CA)

Probate, Trust Petitions

“Speaking A Book Was Easier Than Actually “Writing” A Book And The Speakeasy Staff Knows The System Pretty Well.”

It’s great having a book to pass out and a book on Amazon! There is nothing like telling people you have a book on Amazon! Plus handing out books when you give a seminar is great too.

Andrew J. Decker, IV

SEO Client

(Lake City, FL)

Mortgage Foreclosures, Traffic Citations

“Impressed with Speakeasy doing everything they talked about doing for me”

Like many attorneys, I am always cautious about making long term contractual commitments and I wanted to make sure I had done my due diligence in selecting a company to help with my internet marketing. After considerable deliberation, I took the plunge and hired Speakeasy and it’s been a great decision so far. It’s only been a few months thus far, but I’ve been extremely satisfied with Speakeasy’s service and follow through. The Speakeasy staff has been friendly, responsive, and available to address all of my questions, concerns, and ideas. I’ve been especially impressed with Speakeasy doing everything they talked about doing for me and the process based methodology behind the services provided. Posting an honest Speakeasy Marketing Review is the least I could do for them.

Brad J. Balke, Esq.

SAB Client

(Chicago, IL)

Workers’ compensation, Personal Injury

“The Process Was Easy And I Give SpeakEasy Marketing A Five.”

You walked me through every step of the process, but the book still came out how I wanted it: in MY voice. I would recommend the process to almost anyone who wants instant credibility. The book is a walking advertisement that I routinely give out to new clients. By having your book, you are showing that you are a specialist that is here to stay. Highly recommend.

Armando R. Payas, Esq.

SAB Client

(Orlando, FL)

Personal Injury, Workers’ compensation

“The Speakeasy Staff Did The Heavy Lifting And Made The Process Painless And Fun.”

They are promise keepers. Were very professional, patient and provided the insight to make the book a reality. Very easy to work with. I have always wanted to be a published author but was afraid I would be a terrible writer. I was intimidated, overwhelmed and didn’t know where or how to start. Speakeasy took the fear out of the process and made writing this book an easy and pleasurable experience. We give this book to our current and potential clients and have it out in our lobby. It gives our firm more credibility and our client’s valuable information.

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